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Topic: Sunday Morning (revisited, new demo)

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    Sunday Morning (revisited, new demo)

    Well, not being too impressed with my last venture with this piece, I sat down with my step-dad, who played trumpet with the band Chicago and recorded trumpet with Tito Puente and I reprogrammed the piece from scratch.

    My step-dad\'s never touched a computer before (they scare him), he just listened with his eyes closed, playing air-trumpet none-the-less suggesting where to add \"the human element\". He was very impressed with GPO at first, but by the end he felt it (and all the other sample libs I told him about) would put too many musicians out of work.

    We created this: http://www.fallofautumn.com/SundayMorning.mp3

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    Re: Sunday Morning (revisited, new demo)

    I updated the link, with the correct, whole step trill.

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    Re: Sunday Morning (revisited, new demo)

    Sounds much more \"real\" than the first! I think the only place it still sounds kinda synthy is on the last ascending arpeggio- btw is that a minor 2nd trill at the end? If so I think it should maybe be a major 2nd, but I\'m not an authority....

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    Re: Sunday Morning (revisited, new demo)

    Thanks area 51, yeah the trill should be a whole not half, I\'ve already gotten a PM correcting me, I\'m just not at my DAW until later tonight to fix it...

    What sounds synthy about the arpeggio to you?

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    Re: Sunday Morning (revisited, new demo)

    I\'m not really sure Alan. Maybe it\'s the the decay of the note that sounds a bit artificial to me. Not bad at all really. I think the whole demo sounds really nice. I think it\'s because the ascending arpeggio is the place where the notes sustain for a bit, so maybe what I\'m talking about is exposed there. Still and all I think the whole thing sounds pretty sweet!

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