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Topic: adjusting pitch??

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    adjusting pitch??

    Today I tried editing a snare that is part of a drumkit. I wanted to lower the pitch because I thought it was too high. I don\'t seem to be able to change the pitch in the giga editor. When I select the actual sample and edit the pitch there, the whole pitch will drop way too much, even if I increase the value.
    What is the proper way to change the pitch? Can you tell me?

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    Re: adjusting pitch??

    You should be able to just right click on the region with the snare in it and transpose up or down by cents or semitones....

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    Re: adjusting pitch??


    I had the axact same snare intonation problem. I opened the editor find the snare sample, right click, hit Properties and adjust the tuning cents. 100 cents equals one half step.
    Then \'save as\' .
    It worked for me.

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    Re: adjusting pitch??

    OK that\'s it:
    find the keyregion in the editor and choose \"transpose\"
    I missed it because I tried to alter the value in the edit-sampler section and by editing the sample properties, both of which didn\'t work.
    Thanks for your help
    I feel a *little* stupid but happy it works

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    Re: adjusting pitch??

    Don\'t feel stupid, the editor interface is one of those \"It\'s great, ONCE YOU KNOW HOW\' types.

    Very frustrating until you stumble on what they mean.

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    Re: adjusting pitch??

    haha thanks, I guess I\'ll stumble on

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