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Topic: a really tough giga/MIDI question!!!

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    a really tough giga/MIDI question!!!

    If you can figure this one out...

    Here goes. I have setup cubase\'s input transformer to transform channel aftertouch messages into continuous controller # 7 messages (i.e. into main volume). I did this so I can have aftertouch on my keyboard result in volume control.
    And now the problem: If I hit a note it\'ll play that note at the volume corresponding to the note\'s velocity. Ok that\'s fine. Then I\'ll apply pressure to the key and the volume will increase. Ok that\'s great too. When I release pressure the volume will now drop to zero. That\'s fine too but herein lies the problem. The sound module (gigastudio) has now received a controller message saying that main volume is 0. So when I go to hit another note it doesn\'t sound at its note velocity because of the fact that the previous note was reduced to zero and set the main volume to zero!! What really needs to happen is every time I hit a note, it should sound at its velocity, and then be affected by aftertouch, but that shouldn\'t mess things up for the next note!!

    Anyone know how to implement volume control in a more proper way?!?!

    I guess what I am really curious about is why each successive note\'s velocity doesn\'t override the main volume. Seems like a midi implementation issue or an issue with gigastudio resetting the main volume without allowing the note volume to have any impact.


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    Re: a really tough giga/MIDI question!!!

    Think of velocity assigned to level as being able to control the volume of a sound WITHIN the limits set by the instrument\'s midi volume controller and midi expression controller settings. If your midi volume is set to zero, 127 velocity will give you maximum \'velocity\' at zero volume!

    Velocity isn\'t strictly a midi volume control, it just seems that way because most instruments assign key velocity to affect the amplifier envelope output. IT could be assigned to brightness or resonance or....

    Have a look into the idea of using the \'expression\' controller number (can\'t remember its actual number) for what you\'re doing instead of the volume controller number (07).

    The reason for this is that you can use midi volume to set the overall level for a track, and then use the expression controller to do fades during the track. If, at a later date, you decide you want the whole track louder or softer, you can leave all the expression events where they are and just alter the midi volume number - much easier than redoing all the track\'s expression events.

    Perhaps what you want to do is work out some way that the expression controller amount never goes below a certain base level, so that you always have your basic instrument level with a bit added depending on whether you play higher velocity or push down on the aftertouch a bit more.

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    Re: a really tough giga/MIDI question!!!

    Expression is controller # 11.

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