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Topic: Sonar Video problem

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    Sonar Video problem

    I wonder if anyone else is having this problem with Sonar 3.1.1.

    I have an imported video in Sonar so that I can score to the picture. I switch to the video view (maximized), play some of the video, hit stop and then hit the button that returns to the beginning of the song. Next I switch to track view (maximized), then immediately back to video view. Now when I hit play everything freezes for a moment. After a short while the video will sometimes play but everything else in Sonar is frozen. If you play the video and stop without returning to the beginning, you can hit play again without a problem. I\'ve also seen this problem when switching from the video view to another open program and then back again. It seems that the video window loosing focus causes the problem. There\'s nothing wrong with the file or my system\'s video in general because I can use Media Player, Quicktime and Premiere just fine.

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    Re: Sonar Video problem

    Yes, I\'ve posted this question there as well.

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    Re: Sonar Video problem

    I have found that lowering the hardware acceleration eliminates the problem, unfortunately at the cost of hardware acceleration. This shouldn\'t be.

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