Hey Everyone,

I have what I think is a very interesting question/idea:

It all started when I got my fatar sl-161 controller. It sends channel aftertouch messages but gigastudio has very limited means to handle aftertouch messages. Basically all you can do is have it process aftertouch as a pitch change message for vibrato (through the instrument editor). If you wanted aftertouch to cause volume/velocity changes you would need to have a bunch of samples at a bunch of velocities and then go through a complicated process in gigastudio to \"make it all happen\". And even then you wouldn\'t be able to achieve 128 unique volumes as you would through a volume continuous controller message (normally CC # 7) unless you had 128 unique samples for each sound!!. I talked to a gigastudio tech person and he said the reason they process aftertouch in this way is because a large majority of people use it for vibrato (hence they don\'t have a means to give people flexibility to use it in other ways!).

So what I want to know is if there are any controllers out there for which you can assign aftertouch messages to a continuous controller number. Imagine the possibilities!! You could then have vast control over your sound through aftertouch - you could use it for volume swells, to control amount of reverb (i.e. if you play soft there isn\'t much reverb but if you play hard reverb increases), etc, etc, etc.

If no such controllers exist, then it would be useful to have a software module that intercepts midi data before it reaches the sound module (in my case gigastudio). What you could do is tell it to filter out the channel aftertouch messages and convert them into continuous controller messages. That way I could have aftertouch be on CC # 7, and in gigastudio I can activate CC # 7 so that I get the volume control that I want from aftertouch. Again that would provide endless possibilies! The module would have to be super fast of course.

Let me know what you think!!