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Topic: Does your Giga crash all the time?

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    Does your Giga crash all the time?

    My giga has been crashing since I bought it. The patch helped and at least it began to work more often. It seemed Cakewalk was the primary problem and I\'m quite used to that. But today giga hit a new low and won\'t run at all. I contacted nemesys and it usually takes so long that usually I\'ve moved on to a whole new set of problems.

    After installing a new keyboard midi component and re connecting the midi stuff I couldn\'t wait to hear the giga piano but......it would not open...freezed on startup...finally a cold reboot the last message said something about a missing \"VXD---\"......tried reinstalling giga twice with the same result. first it said missing S- convesion file then it would not follow thru with rest of the installation process hanging at \"cannot open quick sound\". Earlier this week I had a total midi crash and had to reboot but its been fine till now.....Any help would any help would be appreciated.


    Abit BE-6-2 440BX
    Pentium 3 750 slot 1
    Maxtor 30.7GB (audio)
    Maxtor 10.2GB (system)
    256MB PC 100
    Plextor 12x10x32x
    ATI Xpert 98 8MB
    Teac 1.44MB
    Mitsumi keyboard
    ATI rage pro
    Microsoft intellimouse
    Win 98 SE
    #A50 Case
    Linksys 10/100 ethernet LAN card
    Cakewalk Proaudio 9
    Soundscape Mixtreme V1.2.1
    Soundscape SS810-3
    Giga Studio 96

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    Re: Does your Giga crash all the time?

    Whoa that\'s bizarre man. Looks to me like your system definitely meets the requirements obviously. I\'m running a Hewlett Packard 669 MHz, 128 megs ram, 8 gig drive for programs and 30 gig drive for audio and everything is working accordingly. I don\'t know about your soundcard though. Is it GSIF compatible and multicliented? If you\'re not sure, go to the Nemesys page and look up their compatible soundcard list. I don\'t know if your problem is the soundcard though.
    Have you downloaded the new non-beta version of Gigastudio 2.10.26? I\'ve had no crashes since I\'ve done that.
    I too run Cakewalk PA9 and have not had any problems for the past month (knock on wood). I used to get dropouts and still do occasionally, but I do get my full polyphony-96 voices or very close to it and the dropouts usually happen just once, then they stop.
    If I were you, I wouldn\'t even wait for Nemesys to reply back via email. It might take them a couple days before they can. I would call their number, 1-877-NEMESYS and ask the operator if you could please speak to Kevin or Serge. When problems like this happen, it stresses us composers out and we want to get the problem solved immediately so we can go to sleep at night not having to worry about whether or not we\'ve got the wrong type of computer or motherboard, etc.
    The operators are pretty damn cool there and if you explain that you\'ve been having this problem consistantly, they should put you through to one of the tech guys.
    You also might want to run the wave profiler in Cakewalk PA9 under tools-audio. It might set up your soundcard for your optimal performance.
    Good Luck! Wish I could help you out more.

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 11-11-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 11-11-2000).]

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    Re: Does your Giga crash all the time?


    When the guys at the store first installed Gigastudio on my machine it crashed constantly.

    They uninstalled and reinstalled and it didn\'t help.

    They looked at one of the system files and found that Gigastudio had installed several versions of the midi port setup instead of one.

    Nemesys\' suggestion was to MANUALLY uninstall Gigastudio, so that no remnants of the original were left. They gave us instructions on what to delete.

    We did this, installed Gigastudio and applied the patch and it\'s run \'pretty well\' since.

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    Re: Does your Giga crash all the time?

    thanks for your response gentlemen. Yes my sound card is compatible and i do have the latest version....i will call nemesys monday morning ....thanks again!

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    Re: Does your Giga crash all the time?

    VxD files are Windows driver files. If you got a message about one, it could be one or some of your Windows files got lost or corrupted.

    You can check this with System File Checker, a utility that comes with Windows.

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