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Topic: GS Wizard mapping empty samples?

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    GS Wizard mapping empty samples?


    i was trying to make some giga instruments and saw that the wizard created instruments with a single blank note, and, this same blank note was made in multiple instruments created with different files. every time there\'s this same blank note, and i don\'t know what to do. also i am bummed that there is no visual indicator of which note and octave is being played each time GS receives a note. the basic keyboard visual feedback is nice but i haven\'t memorized the charts or whatever. :-)

    as for config, the instruments were just a single soundfile mapped per note, no layers or anything. the files themselves were numbered (001.wav,002.wav, etc), and GS editor was set in Preferences to use the filename to set the note-on ID, and the box was checked to have the filename over-ride any internal setting. i have a P4/1.7 GHZ/256MB with Win98se.

    has anyone else had this happen to them, and/or is there any apparent reason why?


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    Re: GS Wizard mapping empty samples?


    blank note or null sample?

    What are you trying to map?

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    Re: GS Wizard mapping empty samples?

    The editor doesn\'t like mapping groups of samples which have mixed , ie you should only map either all mono or all stereo.
    Just a thought...

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    Re: GS Wizard mapping empty samples?

    I\'m trying to sample some basic percussion, no actual notes or chromatic sampling to worry about.

    as for samples matched, i tried this with all stereo and all mono samples and got the same result. what\'s so weird is that it\'s the same note every time that\'s blank. but i can\'t tell you which one without matching the note to a key on my QS6, which has a chart with the actual note name and octave. (but it\'s always the same key every time no matter what i do)

    also I don\'t think it\'s a blank/empty sample because this happens with multiple attempts using completely different folders with different samples inside. very odd.

    I\'m about to dive into the editor absolutely as deep as I can, in order to figure this out. clearly something is wrong. is it a quirk of the wizard someone might be familiar with? they could make that thing so much easier to use if they\'d just have a checkbox for \"map 128 samples across all 128 keys in this dimension\", instead of having to manually set the note range of this import each and every time. the wizard doesn\'t even remember what you used last time; on page 1 and 2 you have to specify the range, which quizzically it remembers on page 2 but not page 1. argh, sorry for the sudden rant. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: GS Wizard mapping empty samples?


    dont think I\'ve seen that one before.

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    Re: GS Wizard mapping empty samples?

    Wow. have i stumped the masters?

    with all the greatness around here i was sure somebody would know.

    this must be one for the history books!

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