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Topic: Help triggering GS LE from pads-

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    Help triggering GS LE from pads-

    This is a two step problem. I am not a MIDI person but understand the idea.
    My first problem is triggering from a pad doesn\'t seem to work with samples I have created. I have used the \"fusion\" loops and set them up according to the tutorial. I can trigger these to play once by striking my pad that is connected via an aphex impulse trigger interface. If I create my own wav files and import them exactly the same way as the tutorial explains they will not trigger via the pad or from the preview button on the brain. The note numbers are correct and the Midi light in GS shows that it is getting the note. The samples however, are working if I plug in a MIDI controller keyboard. What am I missing? or is there a bug in the program.
    My next problem is trying to get the samles to loop from a single hit.

    lastly is the printed manual worth the cost to order?



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    Re: Help triggering GS LE from pads-

    Hey Dave,

    It doesn\'t make sense that the midi note from your keyboard fires the Gigastudio, but the midi note from your drum brain doesn\'t - they should be the same!

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