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Topic: LOP...

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    What\'s the general opinion on LOP ? Is it worth buying ? Can you switch roommics ...blablabla ?

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    Re: LOP...

    Best percussion out there. No room mics. But there is air in the recording. Awesome.

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    Re: LOP...

    Its the best orchestral percussion out there right now.

    No switching room mics (goes to find both Donnie\'s and Tob\'s because neither has offered BOTH close and far samples)

    You can get pretty good results by changing the attack time of the samples, and then tossing them into another reverb.

    Its not \"perfect\" for that WAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy far in back sound, but it works.

    Another thing I\'ve done is:
    processe the individual samples, then lop off a few milliseconds from the start of them to make them \"tighter\". Works pretty good.

    Anyway, its good.

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    Re: LOP...


    Yes, LOP was recorded in a hall but as some of the other users have mentioned we purposely did not make it too boomy so that the library could work equally as well in a smaller chamber or percussion ensemble setting. It does take to reverb very well though.

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    Re: LOP...


    Your comments on the above posts have just been sent to FBI and United Nations decoding specialists for interpretation in order to verify that they do not contain any subliminal, or remotely implied, connotations or opinions that do not meet the exemplary standards of this forum.

    Forum members, as you know, rely on the administration to censor anything that we may find disturbing, rude, or manipulative, as collectively we have not the capacity to come to our own conclusions.

    - Gungnir

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    Re: LOP...

    Welcome back Donnie!

    Peter / emano
    Happy LOP user

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    Re: LOP...


    Welcome back.

    You were missed.

    With both you and Mr. Phoenix onboard, this board maintains a delightful edge. I thank you both for that.


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    Re: LOP...

    Welcome back Mr.Christian!

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    Re: LOP...

    Donnie, you\'ve made more \"comebacks\" than Frank Sinatra!

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