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Topic: Why less polyphony?

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    Why less polyphony?

    I have owned LE for more than a year now it has been running fine on my system. But due to some unfortunate episode with my computer, I had to reinstall some of the applications, and LE is one of them.

    But eversince the reinstall, problems surfaced. (I have always used LE just for Advance Orchestra.) I have found that although all the settings are the same as before, the program is running out of polyphony.....as bad as just to 4 notes. What\'s strange is that when I try testing the number of note possible by pressing lots of keys on my controller, I get them all. it is just when the notes are spreaded across different channels........

    very strange. If someone have come across the same problem or know how to resolve it, please inform me.....it is very fustrating when I am only limited to 3 to 4 instruments playing at a time when I need a full orchestra........sigh..

    Thanks, Chino

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    Re: Why less polyphony?


    I have noticed the same thing when I have had to do renistalls. Windows is a very picky and fickle operating system. Sometimes things just happen that can not be explained. Have you tried the update patches on the Nemesys site? I know that they just posted a new one pretty recently. Maybe this will help.


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    Re: Why less polyphony?

    Before I reinstalled Gigastudio, I had to MANUALLY uninstall all references to it.

    The guys at Nemesys provided the deatils.

    My problem had been that Gigastudio had created multiple instances of midi ports in the the system file.

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