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Topic: How much RAM?

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    How much RAM?

    what\'s the best amount of RAM for running gigastudio 160 and logic platinum 4.5 ? Thanks for any input.

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    Re: How much RAM?

    I\'ve got that setup and use 256.

    Right now I get up to 120 notes poly without latency or pauses, and I\'ve had to kill the audio half of Logic

    The guys at the shop added 128mb more and didn\'t notice any improvement. Still got ASIO errors if they turned on Logic Audio, and didn\'t get more polyphony.

    Maybe someone from Nemesys can help here...

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    Re: How much RAM?

    I trully believe that the vcache is the answer here. When I set mine to a low number (2046 or whatever) I get very little polyphony (around 80-90). However when I jack the number up around 48000 I get 160 everytime. The trade off here is that with the higher number you get more polyphony BUT you can load less instruments. For me with the vcache at 48000 it\'s somewhere around 65%. Hope this helps! BTW I have 256 megs of ram...


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