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Topic: DSP Station Help!!

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    DSP Station Help!!

    Hey Everyone,

    I am a new gigastudio user. After reading through help files, etc, I can\'t figure out how to have the DSP Station use more than 2 inputs. If I load a GM MIDI library, all instruments get put on one stereo DSP Station input. I can\'t figure out how to break it into 16 stereo (or 32 mono) inputs which is what it is capable of.

    If I am in the MIDI mixer view and try assigning instruments to DSP Station Mixer Channels, there is only one option - Mixer Channels 1, 2. How can a I remedy this?



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    Re: DSP Station Help!!

    If you use a sound card which interfaces to Gigastudio via Windows Direct Sound (eg SB Live!) you only get 2 channels of DSP.

    To get the full complement you have to use a GSIF card.

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