for a long time, I've been trying to make use of all my 16GB of RAM in Finale 2010. I've been reading the forums and have come upon the solution to use Plogue as a bridge. So I've got my Finale 2010, right. I usually use Kontakt 5 player there. And since Finale is 32-bit, I can only load the 32-bit version of Kontakt 5 there and that's how I've been working: play Finale through VST, load Kontakt 5 and all of my patches/instruments/stuff that I use. Trying to load the 64-bit version results in an error message 'failed to load' or whatever.

So I got this Plogue utility that was supposedly going to help somehow. I went through a short tutorial there and learned how to connect stuff. But that's all there is. I haven't got the faintest idea as to what I'm supposed to connect there and how I can make Finale understand that it's supposed to communicate with the Plogue utility.

Please, help out if you can? I've been messing around with this for almost a whole day now..