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Topic: Scarbee

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    Originally posted by Scarbee in another thread:

    Originally posted by Simon Ravn:
    SCARBEE, I am really sorry to hear about this - I thought your business was going well now.

    Thanks Simon. Well in a way it does: I have plenty of good press and more to come in the next months from E.M SOS, etc. I have also set up distributores all over the world and evrything, but the point is that there is a conflict between the production cost, support, general costs and the number of CD sold/price.
    If you read the one of the latest TASCAM Giga newsletters you\'ll even see that my libraries \"are one of the best selling Giga-libraries\"...

    The last months my sales are increasing, but still - compared to a normal job or my composer career you need to be a fool or VERY idealistic, or rich to keep on creating libraries, because it simply ain\'t good business. Why do you think there was so much debate about the banners? Because developers budgets are very tight.

    All the new formats: VST instruments etc, will be evn more expensive to create since you need out-of-town programmers, designers. etc.

    I will still sample for my own sake - I love this thing and I need my own sampled instruments in my work as a composer. But I\'m not throwing in the towel yet - as I said other formats may save my butt...

    I think it is on time that people realize that sample libraries are EXCLUSIVE! You own an exclusive tool together with a few hundred people on this planet (out of 6 billion...)
    Normally (unless you are a thief) we respect exclusive products only sold a few of - If they are good. But not in the software business...

    And it\'s so stupid to give libraries to your \"friends\" and competitors: keep you unique investment/sound for yourself and get an advantage!

    Thomas Hansen Skarbye
    Sample Library Producer, SCARBEE

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    Re: Scarbee

    Hey Scarbee,

    I wanted to comment on your post but I thought starting a new thready would be appropriate, I hope you don\'t mind.

    I mean no dis-respect to you, but since you posted in a public forum I feel as a contributor to this forum I have the right to my opinion. (As little as it may be worth...) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    There\'s a ton of bass libraries out there! One at least is DIRECTLY competing with you at a lower price. Plus, there are tons of lesser quality bass libraries out there. Plus, I seriously doubt many studio\'s will change their bass sound once they get it working for them. Bottom line, the electronic bass sample market is probably smaller than anticipated.

    You\'re coming out with a Rhodes Piano? Why? There seems to be quite a few already out or coming out soon! I think one will even be FREE!!! You may be lending yourself to the EXACT scenario as your bass libraries!

    Here\'s my free (pennies) advice:

    If you\'re not out to make serious money with your libraries then I agree, get out of the business while you still have your sanity.

    Get a partner who has $$$$$ in his eyes. Research the available products, what\'s coming out 6 months from now (if possible). Research what users are asking for. It\'s ok to make products similar or better to what\'s already available IF you can shorten the development cycle. (2-3 months?) Long term development (6 months?) should only be taken up if a project has been determined to have few competitors.

    Here\'s a perfect example:

    For the past year myself and others have posted the need for a GOOD electronic rythm guitar library. (VintAudio\'s Clean Guitars fills a void for leads and sigle notes, probably the same with QL Strat.) Nothing is still available that fills this immediate void. You could have produced the ultimate electronic rythm guitar library by now and enjoying the fact that you are the only one with that type of library available, something totally original and unique!! (Sure Virtual Guitarist is available and taking a slice of this pie, but I\'ve played with it and seems like a nice \"toy\" in it\'s current state, and others feel this way too.)

    I know for a fact someone is going to come out with some good electronic rythm guitar libraries, and they will enjoy decent sales simply because there is no one else doing it.

    Scarbee, you have so much talent, you\'re a gold mine waiting to happen!!!!!! After reading all of your \"business\" comments the past year I just think you\'re lacking a partner with $$$$$ in their eyes, someone to say \"Hey, there\'s already plenty of piano samples out there, quite a few Rhodes already coming out, why not develop that guitar library instead?\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Scarbee

    Hi Munsie,

    Yeah, your\'re probably right about having plenty of Rhodes sample libraries out there, but I need one myself and the ones out there simply ain\'t what I\'m looking for - not like the real thing. This has always been my alibi for making libraries. It may be a bad idea, but again - should I go where the money is? And do something I don\'t find amusing?

    I would love to do a guitar lib, but the reason why I waited was because I thought we would have amp simulators in Giga. Also 2 good libs were release just when I got started. Cutting down to 2-3 months wont do for me. I can easily spend 2 months on setting up the instrument and study it.

    I would love to find a partner with $$$$$ but as my bank he/she will take them few hours to discover that this is not really good business... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] and run away...

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    Re: Scarbee

    \"This has always been my alibi for making libraries. It may be a bad idea, but again - should I go where the money is? And do something I don\'t find amusing?\"

    Yes, you should go where the money is! Why are you talking about the lack of sales, not enough profit, etc,etc, if you\'re just doing it to amuse yourself? Obviously based on your posts you love the process of sampling and creating instruments, but you\'re not exicted about the profit from your current projects.

    You\'re doing almost everything right in my book, you have excellent visibility on the forums, you have a fantastic website! I love the new design by the way. From posts I\'ve read here, you have excellent customer support. You just need better \"money making products\" to complete the \"business plan\".

    So yes at some point you\'re going to have to treat it like a \"real\" business and make decisions based on the potential for profit. Otherwise, you just might amuse yourself out of the time and money.

    Seriously, skills like yours should get paid for. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Scarbee

    Hi Munsie,

    Off course I\'m not just amusing myself [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] . I want to profit from this. Remember that I don\'t have a pension or anything. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] At least I want to break even - but this is hard enough. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Scarbee

    Hello Scarbee,

    I\'m sorry to hear that your business is not doing well. It\'s been a tough year for everyone. Usually as composing gigs slow down, all unnecessary spending is the first to go. So if we have \"decent\" sample libraries, we make do with what we have and not invest in new ones.
    Munsie made a good point with having lots of competition in the Bass market. You\'re obviously a perfectionist in the bass instrument, but not many people are that worried about getting the perfect bass sample.
    I\'ve been meaning to purchase one of your libraries for ages, but I have to admit that I\'ve had to prioritize my spending due to the slow economy and other things have come before the Scarbee Bass. In the meantime I have made do with my Bass Legends and I can tell you that none of my clients have ever complained about my bass sound (or even noticed).

    I would urge you not to forget what prompted you to start this whole thing to begin with....you wanted a great sampled bass library, so you went out and did it. You wanted it for yourself, selling copies to others should be considered a bonus. Don\'t let yourself become a slave to what should be a fun thing....life is too short to stress out about those things. And stop stressing about pirates....it\'s part of life, like cars breaking down and computers crashing.....deal with it and focus on your good customers (or potential ones like myself).

    Last but not least, I\'d like to mention that any library is as good as its advertising. The people that frequent this place are but a small percentage of your potential buyers. You might consider opening up your chain of distribution by selling your titles through Soundsonline and the national US retailers like Mars Music and Sam Ash.

    Adding new formats will definitely make your product more appealing to a different crowd. Kontakt, HALion, EXS, Unity Session or the infamous Akai formats will open up new potential customers.

    I think you have the right attitude, the price range is fair....all you need is a better marketing plan and a wider product base.

    Electric guitar is cool....pianos are not....Orchestral percussion done right at a more reasonable price than what\'s out there would be cool. How about a good upright bass?

    Well....I hope you will react well to the feedback that you\'re getting on this forum. Lots of corporations pay very good money for what you\'re getting for free from us.

    Take care and try to stick in there....the world could use more guys like you! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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