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Topic: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

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    GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    I just heard a demo of EastWest\'s Ultimate Strings:


    I gotta say, this sounds pretty sweet. Does anyone know how this compares to GOS Lite?

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    Re: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    Well, ive heard that the demo for Ultimate Strings is a little misleading.

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    Re: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    The loops in US can be pretty nasty, but I may actually like the piano dynamic samples more than the GOS lite version. Since I dont think GOS Lite comes with the piano dynamic. (I only have the full one)

    Overall US is great, but a bit too \"close\" for the forte dynamics, not full enough for me. The closeness i believe is why the piano dynamics work for me. Lots of Bow Noise.

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    Re: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    It\'s no contest....GOS LITE blows everything else out of the water in the $300 range. The closest competitor would be the Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings, but I have to tell you, GOS is more realistic and has more goodies.

    I don\'t know how many times you\'re going to ask, but IMHO GOS LITE will be the best $300 you\'ve ever spent on a sample library!

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    Re: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    I\'ve been using US for several years. Many of the samples are sweet and very playable. If you are careful, you can get very nice blends with other string libraries. But I agree with the comment regarding the loops. Several of the loops pump very noticeably. The expressive viola I believe is one of them. You really can\'t even bury it in a mix to mask it very well. I am not a very good loop programmer so I have never tried to correct the problem. Perhaps it is not even correctable -- the sample may be too short. Any suggestions?


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    Re: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    The samples are too short. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    But there\'s the possibility of combining the different sustains to create one sample. There are other options as well, like creating Xfade instruments and actually fading out of the problematic loop points, or in and out of them.

    I\'d consider the library extremely usefull, but I dont need it anymore. SI and GOS cover just about every base on strings for me. Before SI, I still liked having US around for some more \"tighter\" attacks, but SI covers that area quite fine for me now. Not to mention the sustains are overall much better in SI than in US. As they should be [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    I love the GOS. They are very usable and sound great not only on classical but also on some of my pop arrangements too. When I need a bit more presence in the mix I add a slight boost to the upper mids and they work and sound exceptionally good.

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    Re: GOS Lite vs. EastWest Ultimate Strings?

    Accidentally posted twice

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