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Topic: Bardstowm Bos Piano with low pass on bass, too?

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    Bardstowm Bos Piano with low pass on bass, too?

    Does anyone have mpgs of the Bardstown Bos piano with the Giga low pass filter applied to the bass notes, too? I almost love the New Age (\"filtered\") demos on the Bardstown site, but the bass sounds brassy while the upper ranges (alto, mezzo soprano,soprano) sound very Steinway lovely. What happens if the Giga low pass fiter is applied to the bass?

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    Re: Bardstowm Bos Piano with low pass on bass, too?

    While the low pass filters in Giga Studio are quiet good, there are other options to consider that can achieve results that are every bit as good or even better than the low pass filters in Giga Studio, which can make for a slightly different character of sound.

    For a different flavor, you can route the full unfiltered and unprocessed version of this Bosendorfer Imperial through a stereo audio track in an audio program outside of Giga Studio and apply low pass filtering effects from many different quality EQ/filter plug-ins that are available. In doing this with other EQ/filter plug-ins, you need to set your frequency band on these other plug-ins to a low pass frequency curve in order to function properly for this particular application effect.

    All of the demos of the Bardstown Audio Bosendorfer Imperial, which feature low pass filtering, feature the low pass filters within Giga Studio only. The only processing on these demos of the Bosendorfer Imperial is just a slight amount of reverb.

    Bardstown Audio

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