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Topic: OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?

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    OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?

    This question is really going to show my ignorance regarding DVD burning ( I don\'t even own a DVD burner yet), but I was wondering if there was software out there that would allow high resolution audio files (like 24 bit 96K) to be burned and played back on DVD or Audio DVD players? I\'m not concerned about Surround, stereo would be fine.

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    Re: OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?

    The DVD-Audio format is 24/192. There are lots of DVD players that support it. SACD is the competitive standard, which is bit-serial.

    IMO, DVD-A is best for the work that is originally digital. SACD is best for conversion from older analog sources, and for original recordings that will not be post-processed.

    Last I checked the software for creating DVD-A discs was very expensive - on the order of $1k. I\'m sure that the price has come down some by now. And I\'m not sure about DVD-A players in computers. It has copy protection, and I don\'t know if there is any available playback software.

    I\'m also curious to learn the latest situation.

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    Re: OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?


    Would this mail board help you..


    Alan Russell

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    Re: OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?

    Thanks for your valuable input once again, Alan.

    Through the link that Alan provided, I founf a website, discwelder.com , that has DVD-A burning software for $495. The only limitation is that you need to play it on a DVD Audio player that supports DVD R/RW.

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    Re: OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?

    I am beginning to explore this high definition 24/96 DVD technology as well. It is my understanding that Sony Media\'s Vegas 4 + DVD and Apple\'s DVD Studio Pro are capable of burning 24/96 audio DVD\'s. If you are using video in conjunction with the audio on the DVD, then you are limited to 20 bit 48k audio with video with both of these DVD programs. If this information is not completely accurate, I would be interested in hearing some feedback from people who have had more experience with these two programs.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?


    I have Vegas 4 +DVD at work. I\'ll try and remember to check tomorrow. If you like send me a message to martin at stevegoldman dot com and remind me.

    -- Martin

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    Re: OT- Burning higher resolution audio on DVD?

    Ray and all,

    If we all stick together like glue, we all benefit from the knowledge we pick up and explore. Since my main Gig is technology for the Dept of ED, (NYC) I\'m always doing research the better part of the day.

    I am always glad to lend a hand.

    Here\'s an artcle about doing web searches from a colleague of mine..check it out!!


    Alan Russell

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