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Topic: Preset Funktion without Keyswitches?

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    Preset Funktion without Keyswitches?


    Four Instruments are load to four Midi-Channels. I want to change the whole \"setting\" quick. How? The Keyswitches are restricted to 16 versions per instrument and i have to do by hand for four times. The settings/save option stores every detail from GS. Sequenzers can change, but are not useful for live-performances, are they?

    Thanks for any hints!!

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    Re: Preset Funktion without Keyswitches?

    How many sounds per setup?
    How many setups?

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    Re: Preset Funktion without Keyswitches?

    Yes, there is a great product called Control Phreak. A piece of Windows based software that lets you control all of the sounds within Gigasampler etc. from one preset button. You can layer, split, play from multiple imput sources, ie 2 keyboards and a pedalboard and save up to 100 presets per session. You can recall these presets either by mouse or querty keyboard or remote control changes from your keyboard. A demo is available from www.floridamusicco.com/download/controlfreak.exe

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    Re: Preset Funktion without Keyswitches?

    The sounds per setup depends to the instrument. 75 sounds total, 20 each for the 3 Manuals, the rest for the pedalboard. Presets are customized to 512, 1024 etc. but even 200 will work well. Are there possibilities to create a crescendo? From pppp to ffff automatically all the instruments are changed in the backround only driven via a single slider?

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