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Topic: any word on other Zero G products?

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    any word on other Zero G products?

    I\'m curious what the CCP is for other Zero G products like Morphology. Does anyone know if they\'re using the same technology as Vocaloid? It\'s really a shame because I think Vocaloid looks very cool. Even though the sounds aren\'t completely realistic, I\'d love to use it but I\'m not about to buy into their crazy Copy Protetection - be it Zero G\'s scheme or Yamaha\'s. I\'m not jumping with joy for Challange response but I can at least live with it.


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    Re: any word on other Zero G products?

    With the exception of the Vocaloid products, the software that powers all other Zero-G virtual instruments (such as Morphology) is provided by Native Instruments, and the copy protection system is exactly the same as all current Native Instruments products (so it\'s same as the CP system on NI Kontakt, Intakt, etc etc). So this also goes for all our ProSamples Platinum titles due out next month, and Altered States, Sounds Of Polynesia, Beats Working In Cuba, and all the East West NI-powered instruments like Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Hardcore Bass, etc etc.

    By contrast, Yamaha developed the NIC-based copy protection system for the software which powers our Vocaloid products. They used the NIC as the identifier for the user\'s machine because it allows the user to upgrade their motherboard or other hardware components as many times as they like without affecting Vocaloid\'s registration. They looked at traditional dongle systems but decided that using the NIC as a kind of dongle would, on balance, be more convenient for the user (and less expensive) than a traditional dongle, the cost of which would have had to be added to the retail price of the product. This whole issue has been discussed extensively in another thread elasewhere so let\'s not start it all up again here! Yamaha are listening to feedback on the CP system and want to make life for users as convenient as possible so we can all expect improvements where they are most needed.

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    Re: any word on other Zero G products?

    I don\'t want to heat up the CP debate again but I think CP schemes relying on the NIC MAC address (the NIC\'s unique id) are not effective.

    An example there are publicy available utilities that allow the user to change the NIC\'s MAC address.
    It\'s not a software to crack apps but it\'s made to change the MAC address needed in some advanced networks/routing setups, failover machine clusters etc.


    So in theory you could fool any app that relies on this \"unique\" NIC ID.
    For example if someone registers his application with his NIC and then hands out the NIC number and the app to 10 friends which set their NIC to the above number then common sense says to me that the application would be fooled into believing it was the original ethernet card thus running without problem.
    I could be wrong, perhaps the CP scheme works at lower level, but I highly doubt it.
    My message here is not to give ank kind of advices to pirates but to point out the MAC address is not an effective CP method.


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    Re: any word on other Zero G products?

    Thanks Ed. I was not trying to start another CP thread against Yamaha - I realize by now you guys must have spoken with Yamaha regarding our dislikes. I was simply wondering what the CP was for the other Zero G products and you answered my question. Thank you.


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