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Topic: Some tests and problems and a small wish list

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    Some tests and problems and a small wish list

    I have been testing back and forth with using Kontakt as a MAS plugin on a g4800 with DP3 and ona 1 gig PC.
    On the mac, unless DFD is disabled, I constantly get processor peaks. On the PC, I get around 42-45 voices bevore the drive lite pegs out. I use 7200rmp ATA100 drives in both cases. This hardly seems a replacement for Gigastudio performance wise, but would a faster MB/CPU increase the drive performance? (I am guessing no, as the voice cound/red drive lite is about the same on both mac and pc).

    So, here is my (short) wish list so far...

    *Dual Processor support (or is it there?)

    *Improved disk streaming and no more processor peaks

    *Multiple instances as a MAS plug in. (Although will this happen when we go OSX?)

    Thats all for now.

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    Re: Some tests and problems and a small wish list

    The performance of DFD is strongly dependant on your system configuration and settings in the options/DFD settings. Please try to use higher buffer sizes and higher voice count reserved for DFD.

    I heard of developers who were able to get 90 stereo voices with Kontakt with 24bit/88.2 kHz samples on a good PC (this would be 180 mono voices in Gigasampler terms). I think it was a 2.4 GHz Pentium with 1 GB Ram and a RAID system.

    The performance with streaming on a good Mac is currently unfortunately poor compared to a good PC. But this is based on the system and not on the software. I think you will get similar comparison results when you compare EXS24 with streaming on a PC and a MAC.
    Unfortunately there is no way to compare Gigasampler on a PC and a MAC [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    *Multiple instances as a MAS plug in. (Although will this happen when we go OSX?)

    As DP3 on OS-X seems to have Audio Unit support, we \"may\" not support MAS on OS-X anymore.

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    Re: Some tests and problems and a small wish list

    The problem with processor peaks when using DFD does not appear to be limited to Macs or to any particular sequencing program. I am having the same problem trying to use Kontakt 1.2 with DFD within Cubase VST 5.1r1 on a PC, and have yet to find a combination of settings in Kontakt which solves the problem. I would be perfectly happy to blame my computer, since it is a modestly spec\'d machine by today\'s standards (866 MHz PIII, 512 MB RAM). However, I am able to use, without problems, several other disk-streaming samplers, including HALion (with the maximum polyphony of 64 voices), The Grand VSTi (with the maximum polyphony of 64 voices and with all the \"True\" features turned on), and GigaStudio 96.

    There are several posts on the Native Instruments Kontakt forum regarding CPU overload, suggesting the problem is more widespread than NI currently appreciates.

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    Re: Some tests and problems and a small wish list

    Well, I am sure NI will sort out the peaks soon, as well as the problem with samples not playing if the buffer is set too high.
    As far as audio units and DP3, thats perfectly fine with me. I plan on getting a new mac later this year anyways. Yes, I know I can get a little more performance from a PC, but I would like to keep as much on 1 machine as possible. I may still need to keep Giga around for libraries like Voices Of The Apocalypse, unless there is a version planned for Kontakt.

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    Re: Some tests and problems and a small wish list

    Update to my tests if anyone is interested. With DP running underneath and, DFD turned OFF, I can get 80 voices (which would be 160 Giga voices), with the processor hitting the red, but not clipping. This is at a 512k buffer setting.
    The 1gig Athlon quits at 66 voices with the same settings.

    This is avtually very good performance for a g4 800mhz machine I think. For those having processor peaks, simply disable DFD and you will receive the benifits of the new version without the problems. (However, I hope this get fixed soon). I also had no problems playing smaller samples with large buffer settings when using DFD on the mac.

    To test I simply loaded the sixstring patch from the FM7 library and increased the voice cap until it maxed out.

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