For anyone here who may be a beta tester for GS3 or know beta testers...please, please, please.....have some one make sure GS3 is fully compatible with the new Windows Xp Service Pack 2 which is supposed to be coming out soon. I have friends who are working on this at Microsoft and without giving me any info that would violate their NDAs.......I was basically told that SP2 for Windows XP changes A LOT OF core underlying features and components of the operating system. Since Gigastudio 3 works at the kernal will be affected by these changes IF the coding was not done properly following their new SP2 guidlines strictly.

So........before the April release...please see if you can get your hands on Sp2 from MS and test GS 3 with it.

That is all. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

[edit] - Sorry this really goes in the GS software forum...I will put it there.