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Topic: I have a strange problem w Gstudio, please help

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    I have a strange problem w Gstudio, please help

    I have 2 soundcard in my computer - SB Live and SB 16. When I used Gigasampler, SB Live was used by it, and with SB 16 I recorded the result. Everything worked fine.
    But with Gigastudio in Config/hw menu I can choose only SB Live Out - that would be OK, I want Gigastudio use SB Live, but the problem is, that it plays completely through SB16 and not SB Live! I tried all possible, but nothing helps. Just all seems OK, SB Live is choosen like hardware for Gigastudio, no other hw conflicts, both cards work fine, but no matter what I do Gigastudio plays thorugh SB 16 and not SB Live. I have very bad polyphony (don\'t know if caused by old SB 16, but propably a little yes) - only about 50 voices on Pentium 3 450, and it seems inaccurate with using only one global, or no effect. It\'s very getting on nerves, and I have no idea what to do. I need at least 90 voices. Everything just work fine, except GS plays pointless through SB 16 (even with SB Live chosen as the hardware in GS config) and has terrible polyphony. (In all other applications both card\'s audio works 100% fine) Can please someone help me with this problem?

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    Re: I have a strange problem w Gstudio, please help

    Thank you for the reply. The problem occurs even if I have SB Live in Windows-Multimedia selected for recording and playback (no matter if I have chosen SB16 or Live).
    Yes in my seqencer (Cakewalk) SB16 and Live are fully functional together. Even in my seqencer with Gigasampler running - It works perfectly, Gigasampler runs via SB Live, and I can record every track to audio with SB16 in Cakewalk, adding effect plug-ins etc. and play together audio from Cakewalk with Gigasampler audio at the same time.
    SB16 can work togehter with SB Live perfectly, they have completely different IO, IRQ etc. Just perfect work with any software both cards in the same system.
    All seemed great until I notice GStudio plays through SB16 (unlike Gigasampler - I\'ve choose SB Live and Gigasampler played via Live, if I change it to SB16 it played via SB16 etc. just normal) but in Gigastudio it won\'t play through Live it\'s strange, all other programs (Cakewalk etc.) works fine.
    I just can\'t understand why if I in Gigastudio Config choose Hardware: SB Live out - it plays still through SB16. Sure if there would be only one SB Live, it would play through it, but it\'s terrible I absolutely need both cards at the same time (and they worked 100% with Gigasampler). It\'s bad, I\'ve planned to buy effect untit whose processed signal I\'ve wanted SB16 to be recorded with, but It seems unavailable now. Even the low polyphony is now unusable.

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    Re: I have a strange problem w Gstudio, please help

    In Windows-Multimedia setup (Setting, control-Pannel), Audio Play/REC, you might check the PlayBack=SB-16 and Recording=SB-LIVE or other ways around, it depends which one would be recorded and played. Then re-launch the GigaStudio. Same thing might be happened when you also have other program is being used the SB-LIVE output audio driver like audio-seq, Wave player, MP3-player, or othe Wave editer program.

    Anyway, for the reference, if the setup is correct, you should be able to play/record SB-16 and SB-LIVE at same time in your audio-sequencer program (without the Gigastudio). In this case, the solution likes to disable \"SB-Emulation\" driver on the system property setting or some thing like that

    What is happening when you only have the SB-LIVE in the system? I\'m not sure about SB-16, but I\'m sure that we can\'t have them all fully functional with two SB-LIVE in the same system?
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: I have a strange problem w Gstudio, please help

    Isn\'t there some *.ini or so file where it is possible to manually force Gigastudio plays trough Sounds Blaster Live? Or some parameter in Registry?

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