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Topic: Free J2 - Expansion Packs for reg. users!

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    Free J2 - Expansion Packs for reg. users!

    Registered users can now download 2 expansion packs for their Scarbee J-Slap and Scarbee J-Fingered:

    EXP 1: 464 samples in the style of legendary bassist Stanley Clarke - very hard fingered behind the fretboard. The J2-Expansion Pack 1 is created specially for J-Slap 2 (both pick-up\'s.)

    EXP 2: 210 samples - based on a new set of Grace note tails: 3 and 4 notes - up/down and an extra pair of slide tails: up/down - with a \"softer\" attack. The J2-Expansion Pack 2 is created specially for J-Fingered 2 (both pick-up\'s.)

    Get them at: www.scarbee.com


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    Re: Free J2 - Expansion Packs for reg. users!


    Thomas, where\'d you find the time to do all THAT!

    Thanks a loy mate, it\'s great to get this kind of \'extra\' value out of a library I already think is an inspiration.

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    Re: Free J2 - Expansion Packs for reg. users!

    Thanks Rick!

    I did the Expansion Packs last year and they were available for a few weeks. Then I had to remove them because I needed the server space - and I thought they were too big to be free... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] But now i realize that my users shall be \"spoiled\" with extra stufff in the future! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    As soon as I get the time I will finish the last 4 expansion packs!

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