World first EWDM driver for Windows 2000/ME/98

November 2nd, 2000
from Seoul, Korea

EGO SYS has succeeded developing the one driver model for DirectSound, ASIO, GSIF, and Multi-client under Windows 2000/ME/98 environment.

EGO SYS named it Enhanced Windows Driver Model ( EWDM ) and is expecting to adapt it to all of EGO SYS products in a couple of months.

Until now, adding Plug and Play to NT 4.0 and ASIO 2.0 model by Steinberg and working around WDM by Cakewalk, Sonic Foundry, and Nemesys are two major developers.
Hardware manufacturers work to add ASIO 2.0 to NT 4.0 driver but have problems with software benders. Therefore, it seems that supporting WDM and ASIO altogether is impossible. Windows 2000 driver developing has these limitation even with all the efforts by the software and hardware companies. Even Microsoft who has intended to support Windows 98/Me/2000 does not have solution for these problems.

The EWDM driver by EGO SYS will change the audio experience of users radically. It is not far from today that the EGO SYS Wami Rack and Wavetermnal users can work under all Windows environment with EWDM driver.