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Topic: Visiting the new Garritan forum

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    Visiting the new Garritan forum

    I took the time today to visit MM and look for the largely hidden Forum: Garritan. Disappointed.
    I managed to get there with some difficulty. When I arrived and checked all 5 pages, I wondered why one wish to visit this forum at all. In spite of a few members are greeting the forum, the atmosphere is COOL, (almost frigid), and the only voice is giving some warmth is ever helpful Randy.
    Is there a place where members upload their music? I could not find it.
    Unless I will hear some more encouraging news about this "orphan" of MM, I will stay with NS.


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    Re: Visiting the new Garritan forum

    Hi, Ted - Thank you for taking a look over there. It is disappointing how slow things are there, and how uninvolved the MakeMusic staff is so far. I'm glad you appreciate my efforts there - It's actually keeping me fairly busy and the posts I'm responding to are interesting. For the most part, the posters are new Garritan users who need help getting started, some of whom are new to the whole world of MIDI, so there are many issues to talk about.

    I need to point out that Michael.B, known as Michael_uk here at this Forum, is also very active. Besides his hundreds of posts, he's also writing helpful tutorials like I am. I have the impression that Michael is devoting his Garritan online time there now instead of here.

    You looked through the categories there, but you must have over-looked "Media Room." That's where members post their music, and something very helpful is that users can directly upload to the Forum, instead of having to use an off-Forum storage site.

    Media Room
    "Share your creative content with the Garritan community"

    I feel you're making a mistake, and coming to the wrong conclusion about this new Forum, but from reading other people's posts on the subject, I know you are far from alone on this point:

    --As long as people stay away because it looks so inactive there, then the Forum will continue growing at this very slow pace. That Forum is ours, it's for us, the Garritan users. It makes for a self fulfilling prophecy if we don't get involved because we don't think enough people are involved-- That's like looking at a swimming pool with only a few people in it, and not diving in because there aren't enough people in it. Obviously the only way to get more people in the pool is for everyone taking a look at the pool to just jump in!

    I'm finding it invigorating there, even though it's not exactly an internet hot spot. I'm glad I've arranged my schedule so I can donate some time there during the day, because, as I said above, there are some very good questions being posted, and good discussions. It actually has a more active on-going conversation about Garritan than this original Forum does, and is feeling more like it did here years ago.

    So, I hope you and others of our community join in. That's the only way the new Forum can become more the way you'd like it to be!


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