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Topic: A3 Score Printing

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    A3 Score Printing


    I posted this one over in the hardware forum, but no-one seemed to be watching; so, since I know this forum is full of people who prepare scores for a living, I\'m moving it here. Sorry if it\'s slightly off track.

    I want to be able to print my scores on A3 paper. I was about to order an A3 printer, when it occurred to me to check whether my score writing software (Cubase VST, and Capella) would support one. So, in both programs, I created a score, went to the \'layout/page setup\' menu, and found that A3 wasn\'t in the drop-down list of sizes available.

    My question is whether this drop down-list is a built-in feature of Cubase/Capella, or whether it derives from my printer\'s installed software and drivers - i.e. is A3 going to appear in the list if I install an A3 printer? Does anyone happen to know whether Cubase will support A3?

    Please help!

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    Re: A3 Score Printing

    I ussualy print my scores in A4 (i don\'t have a A3 printer), and then, sometimes i go out and make a zoomed copy.

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    Re: A3 Score Printing

    Idon\'t KNOW for a fact about Cubase, but in my experience, most programs reply on the printer driver to interpret paper size and the like. I\'d suggest buying a printer from someplace that will take it back if you can\'t do what you want (Circus City, Fries, etc...)


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