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Topic: Recording from Overture and GPO Studio

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    Recording from Overture and GPO Studio

    OK, now that I have a score playing in GPO just the way I want it to, using Overture and GPO Studio, how do I save it to a stereo track? I have a Mia soundcard which does not seem to have any way to do internal routing from its output to its input. I know I could take the output to a different computer, but there has to be a better way. I\'ve got Sonar, Sound Forge 6 and Vegas on the machine, but I don\'t see any way to do the routing. Is there software that will do routing through local audio pipes like Midi-Over-Lan will do with MIDI?


    -- Martin

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    Re: Recording from Overture and GPO Studio

    Hi Martin,
    At the moment GPO Studio doesn\'t support capturing to wav, though we\'re planning to add it. You could try Bidule, from plogue.com, and use that as your host instead of GPO Studio. Bidule supports audio capture already - it\'s a bit more complicated than GPO Studio to use, though.

    Another option is to export your midi files from Overture, and then import them into a sequencer for recording. This isn\'t my preference since it\'s kind of a pain (to me).

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    Re: Recording from Overture and GPO Studio

    Can\'t you just route an audio cable externally from output to input and record with Sound Forge?

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    Re: Recording from Overture and GPO Studio


    I tried using a cable from the output to the input and it did not work well. The sound was distorted and sounded really bad, even though the meter showed that it was ok (no clipping). I recorded it into Sound Forge.


    That is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I tried to install the demo and it did not install. It said that the exe file was bad.


    I really want to stick with GPO and Overture as much as possible since that is the way we are going to develop and mix. I could easily do it in Sonar, but that would be \"cheating\". [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'m pursuing the virtual audio cable option. That would be ideal.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Recording from Overture and GPO Studio

    Ah yes, oldh\'s suggestion is excellent. I didn\'t think about Virtual Audio Cable, but it\'s another nice option.

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    Re: Recording from Overture and GPO Studio


    I managed to find a demo version of VAC on another website that would install properly on my machine and it worked great. I purchased it, but the install file would not work [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] so I am waiting to hear from Eugene. The demo version introduces a noise floor of -42db, so I can\'t use that except to verify that it works. Rather than try to add wav output to GPO Studio, I would say you should suggest that as an option. For a stereo mix it is perfect. Of course, if you want separate tracks for each midi channel, then that is another story.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Recording from Overture and GPO Studio

    To be honest: I don\'T understand one word of the following, but tell me if this is what you are looking for:

    Virtual Audio Cable (www.ntonyx.com)

    Virtual Audio Cable is a Windows multimedia driver allowing you to transfer audio (wave) streams from one application to another. It creates a pair of Wave In/Out devices for each cable. Any application can send audio stream to Out device, and any other application can receive this stream from In device. All transfers are made digitally, providing NO sound quality loss. VAC is a \"wave-version\" of the \"MIDI loopback cable\" like MultiMid or Hubi\'s Loopback drivers.
    If more than one applications are sending audio to VAC, it will mix all streams together. If more than one applications are receiving audio from VAC, it will share the same audio data between all targets.

    VAC is useful to record application\'s audio output in real time (for example - Generator, Reality or other software synth), or transfer a sound stream to another application processing it. You can, for example, use two or more software audio generators/synthesizers/sequencers to produce audio streams sending them to VAC Out, and record the mixed stream from VAC In using any recording software - Windows Sound Recorder, Sound Forge, WaveLab, Cool Edit, Gold Wave, Cakewalk, Cubase etc.

    You can use VAC to \"thief\" an output sound stream from the application that doesn\'t allow to write it into WAV file directly. Unlike Total Recorder allowing you to simply save audio stream, VAC allows to route it in real time.

    VAC for Windows 95/98/ME supports DirectSound ports working simultaneously with plain Wave/MME ports. You can use MME and DirectSound applications at same time, and VAC will mix all sounds together. VAC can also record the output from software synthesizers like Yamaha S-YXG100, but it must be a Primary DirectSound driver in the system.

    VAC needs no audio card; it is a \"virtual audio card\" itself.

    new features

    Released the VAC version 3 It has several improvements:

    Added number of input/output clients display to the Control Panel.
    Added a fake mixer.
    Synchronous transfer mode eliminates possible audio stream errors and synchronizes the transfer with a real sound card speed.
    Control Panel application dynamically configures the VAC. No more registry hacking.
    HTML help file makes easier to learn VAC principles and usage.
    Automatic installation/uninstallation program helps you to uninstall and remove the VAC.


    Up to 64 cables.
    1..100 milliseconds per interrupt.
    Almost no sound latency with maximal interrupt frequency.
    Almost any of PCM sound formats (sample rate, size and number of channels). Number of bits per sample is limited to 32, and number of channels is limited to 256.
    Unlimited number of clients connected to each port.
    Sound mixing (with saturation) between output port clients.
    DirectSound output support under Windows 9x/ME.
    Synchronous mode transfer support to achieve maximal reliability.
    Control Panel application to dynamically configure cables.
    Audio Repeater application that transfers from any Wave In to any Wave Out port.

    system requirements

    Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
    Any CPU and any amount of RAM enough for operating system

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