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Topic: Don't buy Gigastudio!!!

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    Don\'t buy Gigastudio!!!

    I\'ve had terrible experiences with support for Gigasampler LE AND GigaStudio, and I thought I would share with other users my experiences so you don\'t get ripped off like I did. As it stands now, I have over half a dozen CRITICAL bugs reported into Nemesys (including 3 that render the product unusable), and there has been no responsiveness from Nemesys support. They don\'t answer emails, and if you do call in, they just add your request to the support queue and give you the polite answer of \"don\'t hold your breath.\"

    The kicker for me was Gigasampler did not have key group support (the documentation even says that it will be supported in a future release). I needed this for hihat programming because the samples were not being turned off when hitting other hihat notes. So I was FORCED to upgrade to Gigastudio to get this functionality since they stopped supporting updates to Gigasampler. So $150 later I got the upgrade which REQUIRED me to register the goddamn product to get the damn thing to work. So after 3 days of sheer hell trying to get this thing to work, I discovered that key groups were working in Gigastudio, but basic things that worked in Gigasampler were now broken, not the least of which was the fact that whenever I started up Gigastudio it disabled all the audio outputs for ALL my soundcards so no audio tracks could be played back in Cakewalk while Gigastudio was running. It makes it awfully hard to mix something when you can only hear the Gigastudio drum tracks out of context with the rest of the song. Total pain in the *** .

    After logging 12 bugs and enhancement requests and getting a single followup email from support saying \"thanks\" for QAing their product, I decided I\'d had enough of Gigastudio, and I sent a request to get a refund. Two weeks later I had no response so I sent it off again. The response I got back was that since I had registered the product it was Nemesys policy that they could not issue a refund. Not only could I not use it without registering, but then once I did I couldn\'t return it because the product, which DID NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED, had already been registered. Great policy, Nemesys. What a way to generate revenue. Force registration to enable the product and then deny refunds because it was registered. I believe the proper term for this is EXTORTION and FRAUD. Nice to see the mob is alive and well in the software industry, too.

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    Re: Don\'t buy Gigastudio!!!


    I am certainly not rushing to the aid of Nemesys but I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. What sound card do you have? Is it on the supported Nemesys list that they have up one their site?

    2. Cakewalk and GS work fine together. Several of my freinds have this same setup and are very happy with it so it\'s not a Cakewalk/GS issue.

    3. You CAN use the product without registering. I myself (out of lazyness I must admit) did not register my copy until about two weeks ago. I had been using it since it came out with was several several months ago. All you had to do was press \"cancel\" or something like that when it was booting up.

    Like I said I\'m not saying you don\'t have a case BUT more often than not people jump the gun on these sort of things so I just wanted to ask you a those questions myself.


    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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    Re: Don\'t buy Gigastudio!!!

    Call the 800 number for Nemesys (1-877-NEMESYS) and select operator assistance. Tell the operator that you would like to speak to Kevin or Serge and explain that you\'ve tried several emails for tech support but haven\'t had any responses. I\'m sure she\'ll put you through to one of those guys. I\'ve had a couple emails not responded to also lately, but other then that, I must say for me that their tech support has been good due to them getting swamped with emails and calls. Just stay persistant and keep buggin em!
    Don\'t jump the gun though, because once you get Gigastudio straightened out you will be very pleased with the results. It\'s really an amazing program that will enhance your creativity tenfold.
    Good Luck!

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    Re: Don\'t buy Gigastudio!!!

    To bad that GS did not work out the way you wanted it too. I should try to call or email Nemesys again, since they always got back to me very fast. In the earlier shipping versions of GS there was an error with the Gigapiano CD. If you mail this to Nemesys they\'ll send you a new one. Too bad that you choose the words you did to express your feelings. People on this group are not from Nemesys. Good luck......

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    Re: Don\'t buy Gigastudio!!!

    To bad that GS did not work out the way you wanted it too. I should try to call or email Nemesys again, since they always got back to me very fast. In the earlier shipping versions of GS there was an error with the Gigapiano CD. If you mail this to Nemesys they\'ll send you a new one. Too bad that you choose the words you did to express your feelings. People on this group are not from Nemesys. Good luck......

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    Re: Don\'t buy Gigastudio!!!

    Mr. Ruedger,

    I\'m sorry you have not had a good experience with GigaStudio so far, but it seems that all of your major problems are not related to GigaStudio at all.
    These problems seem to be stemming from
    inappropriate configurations for the interaction of three commonly used audio components:
    Cakewalk, GigaStudio, and Layla24.

    About a third of our customer base successfully use Cakewalk and large portion of our customers use Layla24 or one of the closely related products from Echo without
    any trouble.

    After reviewing the email trial, it appears that you had 8 issues with GigaStudio (listed and replied to below). In contrast to your posting none of these are \'critical bugs\' or \'render the product useless\'. I also found a number of emails from Kevin to you helping you to get your sound card and sequencer to work.

    1. Have to Register to use the GigaStudio.

    This is not true. You can simply press
    the \'Cancel\' button at any point in time
    during the registration prompts and you
    will proceed to the GigaStudio
    workstation. Use of the \'Cancel\' button
    to bypass registration is very common in
    all genres of software.

    2. GigaStudio + Cakewalk on the Echo Layla24
    soundcard didn\'t work unless you disable
    hardware outputs so Cakewalk can\'t use

    This is not a GigaStudio limitation. As
    you found when Kevin instructed you to
    updating your Layla24 with the
    the latest MultiClient drivers and
    configuring Cakewalk properly
    everything began working fine.

    3. Sync to MIDI Capture-To-Wave does not

    This is not true. This feature has
    always worked, in all sequencers.
    You do have to configure your Sequencer
    In Cakewalk, you have to make sure the
    MIDI Start/Stop/Continue commands are
    being sent and there is an
    undocumented \"Midi Word\' setting
    that must be set so commands go to the
    appropriate port. You\'re issue here
    seems to be with Cakewalk, not GigaStudio.

    4. MIDI Mapping does not coincide with

    While true, this is not a bug or defect.
    There are 2 generally accepted mappings.
    Different audio products vary on the
    native \'Middle C\'.
    Most Midi Keyboards and Sequencers allow
    you to shift Middle C up or down an
    octave to align the mapping difference
    between two MIDI products. I believe
    Cakewalk allows you to remap or shift
    your sequence up/down an octave, but you
    need to talk to Cakewalk about that.
    Allowing GStudio to remap middle C is an
    item for our wishlist.

    5. GigaStudio opens in Full Screen mode.

    This is true, but hardly a bug. We will
    add this to our wish list of product
    usability improvements.

    6. The only Midi port that seems to work is
    Midi Port 1.

    This is also not true. We use all four
    ports all the time.
    I suspect you will be able to trace the
    root of this issue back to your Cakewalk
    configuration or your Flyer.

    7. GigaStudio shows Darla24 bit depth as
    24bit only, not 16 or 24.

    This is true, but only because that is
    the information that the Darla24 drivers
    give to GigaStudio. I\'m not sure why
    they only report 24bit, but NemeSys
    cannot dictate or override the reported
    hardware configuration.

    8. Installer complains of that a Pentium III
    is not at least a Pentium II.

    I have not verified this, but this
    warning (while inaccurate) will not
    limit GigaStudio at all.

    9. GigaStudio Reverb/Effects are not useful
    and lack presets for drums.

    I agree that there is no \'drum preset\',
    and I am sorry that the reverb effect
    does not meet your personal tastes. I
    can assure you that the reverb has
    received very complementary reviews by
    the media (see
    and we have gotten very positive
    feedback from our customer base....from
    award winning television and
    movie studios to basement hobbyists.
    This includes sound developers like the
    Percussive Adventures team, who put out
    an extremely nice drum/percussion kit
    (distributed by EastWest) and
    DSSoundWorks of \"Ultimate Orchestral
    Percussion Sample Library\" fame.

    I know you had a number of features you requested that we add to our product. While I will not go into detail on each of them now, I would like to let you know that we\'ve added them to our wishlist for future products and product improvements.

    [This message has been edited by bert (edited 11-07-2000).]

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    Re: Don\'t buy Gigastudio!!!

    Hey Bert!

    Nice to see that Nemesys is watching the group again!

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