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Topic: Problem using COMB2 in Sibelius 7

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    Problem using COMB2 in Sibelius 7

    I purchased COMB2 3 or 4 years ago and either didn't try, or failed to get it to work with Sibelius. I just tried and am having problems. I cannot get Sibelius to automatically load the instruments (although I can successfully load them manually if I bring up the Aria console within Sibelius). Some old posts in Sibelius forums implied there may have been an update to the library installation procedure that fixed that problem, but just for Mac users, I think, and I'm on Windows. But just in case, how do I tell if I have the latest libraries? Do I have to download it again and check the dates on installation files? My installation .zip file is dated 7/2/2010. My soundset .xml file is dated 8/23/2010. Have there been updates to either of these.

    BTW, my Aria player is version 1.02 with x64 v1.504 engine.

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    Re: Problem using COMB2 in Sibelius 7

    Never mind. I downloaded and reinstalled COMB2. It now works correctly in my Sibelius.

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