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Topic: CW PA3 giga le and upgrade problems

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    CW PA3 giga le and upgrade problems

    I received the light version with Cakewalk Pro Studio. Installed fine and then I ordered the upgrade for Le to make it full featured. On installation the software prompted me for Disk 2? Couldn\'t determine what it was looking for and canceled install. This smashed my LE version and when I reinstalled that, it\'s limiting me to 5 days? Help

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    Re: CW PA3 giga le and upgrade problems

    I think disk 2 is the disk with Gigapiano on it. It also has some info required for registration.

    Contact Nemesys.

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    Re: CW PA3 giga le and upgrade problems

    You were right, Disk2 is a directory on the
    Gigapiano CD. Problem now is that it told me that the install was successful but when I click to start program, it just flases the title screen and then back to the icon?
    Any thoughts on this. Your response came 3 days quicker than Nemesys and I still haven\'t heard from them. Amazing support

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    Re: CW PA3 giga le and upgrade problems

    Sorry - no idea.

    All I can suggest is to download the patch upgrade.

    My initial install was also a crappy experience. Things improved once I installed the patch.

    It\'s on the Versions page which is accessable via the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the Nemesys home page.

    Good Luck

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    Re: CW PA3 giga le and upgrade problems

    Thanks again for your input. I\'ll try the patch. I think I\'ll stick with my Akai 1000. I was hoping to use gigasampler to do all the key and velocity mapping and then download to different samplers for live performance. Duh! Where did I come up with that idea.

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