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Topic: Midi Programming

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    Midi Programming


    isn\'t there any books or websites out there which I can learn how to program realistic trumpets, horns etc.

    Is it possible to get a sample midi file from someone here? Specially from someone who has post his mp3 rendering of it here or somewhere else too.


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    Re: Midi Programming

    Hello Falcon1,

    Apart from the traditional orchestration texts, there is a very good book by Peter Alexander titled \"How MIDI Works - 6th Edition\". Very comprehensive (400 large pages). There is even a chapter dedicated to GigaStudio signal flow. I got my copy at Guitar Center.


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    Re: Midi Programming

    There are a number of books about MIDI programming, but they won\'t go into great detail about the fine art of live-sounding instruments, partially because each instrument, and in Giga, each library patch set will have its own requirements. One of the regulars here posted a guitar demo that he said required 12 midi tracks for the guitar part alone!

    If you\'re new to MIDI, get the books that seem to make sense to you (check Alexander and Amazon for what\'s out there.) But that will just be the beginning. In the end, it\'s experience and practice (gee, there\'s the \'P\' word again!) that teach you how to best \'make it real.\'

    Good luck. There are a lot of good folks on this forum that can help you out, but you\'ll need to know quite a bit before it will make sense.


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    Re: Midi Programming

    I don\'t know in what category I should put me in.

    I\'ve been composing in midi for years, but I just recently discovered that midi could be used effectively to create a almost real orchestra.

    Several months ago I thought that Creative was on the top of the game. GO FIGURE! [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

    So I think I should be in novice class in midi programming.

    Btw. I\'ve learned about traditional orchestration, counterpoint, harmony etc. etc. so that\'s not the problem. The problem is to be able to get realistic sounding music out of my computer. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Midi Programming

    You and I are very similar. I started out doing a lot of midi composing as well, and it sounded terrible most of the time, but I figured it was just a sketch. Now I realize how great it can sound, and my mockups are very realistic. Most people wonder how I hired so many live musicians.

    If you have some specific (or even broad) questions, feel free to email me at steven2526@hotmail.com

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    Re: Midi Programming

    I found the following book fun to read and informative. It doesn\'t get great reviews at Amazon, because reviewers there mistakingly bought it to learn how to connect hardware and such things. However if you want a good beginner\'s book of the technique of manipulating your sequenced notes to make the performance sound more realistic, this book offers great tips by instrument as well as effects processing considerations to make the performance sound like a live orchestration. The library discussion is fun to read, but dated.

    \"The Guide to Midi Orchestration\" by Paul Gilreath

    Hope this helps.

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