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Topic: Command line to disable diagnostic message

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    Command line to disable diagnostic message

    There has to be a command line switch to disable the dialog box that pops up if gigastudio/sampler wasn\'t shut down properly. I\'ve been taking my computer to rehearsals and it\'s been great but I can only use it once. I don\'t have a screen or keyboard hooked up...just midi & power going in and audio going out...it sits in the corner and minds itself like any other sound module I have... it would be the perfect light live rig (with worra\'s rhodes gig) except that I have to turn it off with GS running. This triggers the diagnostic message the next time it loads that needs a keystroke to get around. I found the necesary changes to Win98 to disable the scandisk prompt and load GS automatically... is there a trick or command line switch to get gigasampler to go into regular mode unconditionally? I\'d love to make it my only sound module at my shows.


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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    That\'s hysterical!

    No keyboard, mouse or screen....

    I don\'t know anyone that has so much faith in Bill Gates!

    Good on you for having a go though.

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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    Let me give you a solid piece of advice Chris: Do yourself a favor and stop trying to use your computer as something it is not – a stand-alone sound module. Although a dedicated GigaSampler/GigaStudio computer can in many ways be addressed by your system as if it were a stand-alone module, it is still a computer and needs to be treated as such. Files in both GigaSampler/GigaStudio and the Windows operating system can be corrupted during improper shut down. This is precisely the reason Scandisk (which you went out of your way to disable) starts up when you reboot an improperly shut down computer. Scandisk checks for damaged files and attempts to repair them. Especially in a live performance situation you should do everything in your power to ensure the safety and stability of your system. So, despite the inconvenience, hook up a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to your system and run it in the way it was designed, following all the proper shut down procedures for your applications and operating system. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if one day (when you can least afford it) your “sound module” sits there silently staring back at you. Let’s hope your audience has patience.

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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    Check the CMOS setting (BIOS), you might luckily find the options (In certain system). Make sure that you know what you\'re doing.
    Good lucks

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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    jeez...atleast hook up a keyboard and set up hotkeys for shutdown/restart.

    then all you need is the keyboard. and if its improperly shutdown, you can hit tab, and enter and select giga to run in normal mode again

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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    or link it with a laptop

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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    I think neophyte has a legititimate point. In a live performance setup, his desire for GS to function like a stand-alone sampler is IMHO a reasonable goal.

    As to improper shut-down, since in all likelihood disk activity will be limited to reading only (to load and stream samples), there is not as much chance of corruption, usually caused by incomplete flushing of write buffers.

    Unfortunately I do not know the answer to his question about a command line switch to disable the improper shut down warning generated by GS.

    Apparently the BIOS in neophyte\'s computer does allow it to boot with no keyboard attached (unlike most).

    Good luck, neo.

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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    OK....Don\'t get me wrong...I do still take care of this computer... It gets to go home and have quality time with a keyboard and monitor, regular scandisks, backups, and a sponge bath with a nice massage... Before the crazy sound module idea it was an mp3 player which played continuously in my car and office... I\'ve been turning it off with winamp and windows98 running several times a day for 8 months with no apparent consequences. No, I don\'t have faith in Bill Gates, but I can at least count on Windows to load and load GS. I haven\'t questioned my ideology on bringing this thing to a gig, but I just can\'t open myself up to the peer-humiliation I would receive for having a monitor and keyboard at a show With all that settled, dont you think it is the ultimate goal of NemeSys to make a product versatile enough to perform outside of the computer room? They\'ve got to have a switch for this. And they\'d probably do well marketing pre-built & installed computers that can do a live gig (for example, mine has a handle and a small black case). Hope this clarifies, Cheers

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    Re: Command line to disable diagnostic message

    My note on the wisdom of improperly shutting down the computer was the result of personal experience (I wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise). On two occasions over the last couple of years I incurred damage to operating system files through accidental shut down. One case was easily repaired using Scandisk and the second required a re-install of Windows. In both cases the computer was sitting (apparently) idle at the time. These may have been low-probability events, because I’ve had many more shutdowns over the years that didn’t cause any damage, but I know that I, in a live setting, would want to minimize the possibility. Also, if this or anything else went wrong (what? Something going wrong with a computer?) during a gig I would want to have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor available to try and fix it. You weigh your choices and take your chances.

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