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Topic: No Direct-X effects?

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    No Direct-X effects?

    Can GigaStudio only handle it\'s own effects? I expected Direct-X effects to be useful too!

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    Re: No Direct-X effects?

    The problem is not with Gigastudio, but with Direct X. Thi system adds latency (delay) to the processed sound.

    This isn\'t a problem with DAWs, but everyone would complain about Gigastudio being unplayable if it was processed through direct X FX and delayed.

    Check out the prorec.com article on Gigastudio, it has a small amount of detail.

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    Re: No Direct-X effects?

    Does any MIDI sequencers or other native samplers support the standard Direct-X effect-processing?
    NOP, the direct-x is currently only used for audio applications (REC or CAP to wave).

    When you don\'t like the NFXs, neither to deal with wave files, there could be a solution for it:
    As far as I know, with Giga environments you could apply the EXt-DSP-effect-processing on the certain soundcards which are supported (built-in) DSP-mixing-board or/and DSP-effect-processing like Mixtreme, Yamaha, pulsars, etc (same way how you use the direct-x for individual audio-tracks in SEQ, not taxing the CPU). If the SB-LIVE would supports GSIF driver, I bet that you could use the built-in DSP on the SB-LIVE as well as other card does. That would be one of nice things that I see the GSIF could be benifited (multi-audio-channels and hardware-DSP-effect-processing), of course you can use one or more Giga\'s audio-channels for the out-gear-mixing board/effect as well (lexicon-verb, for example). I\'m sure someone here has done it sucessfully?
    Hope this helps,

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hello Goodbye:
    Can GigaStudio only handle it\'s own effects? I expected Direct-X effects to be useful too!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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