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Topic: Demo piece with New Organ

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    Demo piece with New Organ

    The new organ library is finished in GSt. Here is a sneak preview. A quick showpiece that uses some of the combinations I created. Grand Choeur Dialogué by Gigout. A dialogue that has been cleverly conceived either for two organs, one with and one without pedal, or for two divisions of the same organ, in the grand French Romantic style.

    Gigout by J. Pressler note: 15 MB MP3 320 kbps file.

    The same piece but this time in Hauptwerk. The same piece in Hauptwerk

    Both performances: virtual performance by James Pressler, http://www.virtuallybaroque.com

    These demos below were posted earlier using SIR reverb.
    Bach Fantasia in C (Cathedral)
    Same Bach in small church (different registrations)

    Have fun!

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    Re: Demo piece with New Organ

    I own hauptwerk, but I didn\'t know that you need at least 2 GB memory in your computer to let it work properly, because else you\'ll get clicks and pops.

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    Re: Demo piece with New Organ

    True, but it plays over 1.200 stereo samples straight from memory! With the current memory prices this is not a bad situation at all.
    My Giga version works well with 512 MB memory footprints, all stops are recorded seperatly and all combinations are re-sampled to free up polyphony when combinations are used.

    More info in a short while.

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    Re: Demo piece with New Organ


    I\'m chomping at the bit to get this library. Will it be available soon (or is this another GigaTeaser and we all have to wait until April)?

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