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Topic: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

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    Anyone tried Vocaloid?

    Has anyone tried Vocaloid? I havent read any reviews yet but really want to buy it. Need at least a couple opinions first, dont know anyone who has it yet. Want to use it to do dummy vocals on songs before getting the singer to do the actual track, so I can arrange the song without having to call in the singers first. So I need it to be able to work quickly to get some vocal sketches on to the tracks.

    Any opinions appreciated by anyone who has used it or seen it at work.

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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?


    I\'d like to hear something on this, too.

    The Zero-G website does have a ton of LOLA/LEON demos which should give a fair idea of the capability of the software, and the videos do give an indication of the process for vocal creation, but still, the developers themselves don\'t generally publicize the negatives of their software, so...

    BTW, this whole topic is a bit sensitive, (see Zero-G thread), but still it looks like Vocaloid is at the beginning of something major.


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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

    A major hemorrhoid from too much dongleoid, perhaps.

    Still, I haven\'t heard about anyone actually using it. Aside from the whole protection issue, the real question to me would be how much time does one spend cranking out a vocal on this, and how does that compare to the cost of hiring your own Lola or Leon to just sing the part.

    I thought it sounded decent on backgrounds. If you could manipulate it fast, say, knock out a whole chart\'s backgrounds in an hour or so, that would be somewhat equivalent to how long you\'d spend in session doing the same thing. If it takes six hours, that\'s different.

    I guess someone will eventually pony up for Vocaloid, Hemorrhoid, and Dongleoid, and we\'ll hear some kind of unbiased view of whether it\'s worth dealing with Yamaloid\'s newest baggage.

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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

    Few people have reported on their experience with Vocaloid over on KVR. The VST when it first shipped didn\'t even work. It seems to be buggy. It\'s also not very easy to use and not getting good results.

    Go read for yourself.


    I\'ll wait for version 2, with the missing copy protection when they extract their heads from their tight orifice and realize people won\'t buy it with their lame CP, thank you very much.


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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

    Thanks for the link.

    Seems its giving problems as a vst which means I wont be buying it till they get it working..
    plus they say it isnt quite easy to get lines out of it. And it doesnt work realtime on a 2.6 GHz Machine..

    Here\'s a forum for Vocaloid, maybe this will have more info in the future -
    http://www.broadband4blackpool.org.uk/cgi-bin/b4bboard/ikonboard.cgi?s=2dcc9f31826cc9c48e045d80ce5f0a54;a ct=SF;f=12

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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?


    More reports on Vocaloid....


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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

    Unfortunately the link doesn\'T work...


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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

    Sounds like Vocaloid is going to be unusable for some time.

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    Re: Anyone tried Vocaloid?

    Here\'s a response from Vocaloid:


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