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Topic: To Mr Nick Phoenix

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    To Mr Nick Phoenix

    Hello Sir
    After using in the late 2 years QL Brass (Purchased Legally in Esat West...) and thinking is the closest brass section for pop music, I was wonder why don´t you release an update or a QLBII? Sir, I only think that the only instrument that is far from be used in a pop section is the trumpets: We need solo ff or fff, high register samples to finally mock up a pop brass section.
    Any Hope
    And Thanks for your Great Work! (I don´t fight any more with sax and Trombone players thanks to you. I only wish stoping fighting with trumpeters...)
    Best Regards
    Jose Pereira
    Excuse my bad english, ´please

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    Re: To Mr Nick Phoenix

    I haven\'t done it yet, but that and rare 2 are next.

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    Re: To Mr Nick Phoenix

    Originally posted by Nick Phoenix:
    I haven\'t done it yet, but that and rare 2 are next.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Amen! Keep us informed, Please!
    Thanks again

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    Re: To Mr Nick Phoenix

    If you are planning a 2nd QLB set, I would like to request a more ambient treatment ala SAM Horns. Also some really aggressive staccatos for the low brass.


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    Re: To Mr Nick Phoenix

    No, the brass will be for pop, only. The new orchestra library covers all of the orchestral brass.

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