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Topic: Setting GS 160 with CuBase 5.0 under 1 system

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    Setting GS 160 with CuBase 5.0 under 1 system

    Hi Everybody,

    I\'m new to all this technology, I\'ve recently purchased Gigastudio 160 and Cubase 5.0 and installed it but I am unable to get it to work. Some how I can\'t trigger the samples from Gigastudio using Cubase 5.0 as my sequencer. I was told I needed Hubi\'s loopback but I\'m not sure who to listen to any more since the sales person had lack to mention hubi\'s loopback before my purchase. I\'m running a PIII 550 with 128MB of RAM using a Tango 24/Dakota sound card (8-in, 8-outs).

    If anybody can help, that would be great.



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    Re: Setting GS 160 with CuBase 5.0 under 1 system

    When the Gigastudio first came out, lots of people had this problem and somehow fixed it with Hubi\'s driver.

    Since then, however, Nemesys have released a patch for the Gigastudio which should remove the need for the loopback thingy. It also fixes numerous other bugs and improves the S-Converter. I\'d try that before anything else.

    It\'s available from the pull down menu on the top right hand of the Nemesys home page - under \'versions\'.

    You\'ll need a few pieces of info, like CD code etc.,

    If it doesn\'t work, consider uninstalling, then reinstalling Gogastudio and THEN applying the patch. I had to do this because the initial installation of V2 Gigastudio put multiple instances of midi ports in the registry for some reason. You may need info from Nemesys on how to manually uninstall also (yech..)

    Good luck though - it may be as simple as applying the patch

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    Re: Setting GS 160 with CuBase 5.0 under 1 system

    I also have probs with G-Stud and VST 32.
    When im trying to lounch VST i get the message \"hardware being used by other drivers, most likely wave drivers\".
    Im using a Delta 44 with Giga drivers and ASIO 2 for the VST.
    What is wrong here?


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