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Topic: not so happy with ql strat

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    not so happy with ql strat

    I bought ql strat largely based on the demo. It talked about lots of control and sounded Amazing- particularly the distorted sounds. When it arrived I realized there were NO distorted sounds included- and it must be painstakingly edited if I would like a useable distorted guitar, and also I cant find a distortion plugin to recreate the demo sounds. on top of that the the harmonics are inconsistent- some have much more noticable fundamental soundings than others to the point where I cant make an even passage- some particularly bad ones- the b right below middle c at the highest vel., the f# and G above middle c at the highest vel level. These stick out to the point of making the harmonics in general unusuable. (The tunings between velocity layers are also inconsistent but at least I can fix that....) Also alot of the samples generally seem to have glitches in them. Is there any way that there could possibly be a art file made available to fix these things? especially to get the distorted samples that sold me on the discs in the first place? I would be very content with this product If I could just recreate that demo with little effort and if the samples were consistent. I would also be more then likely to be a future customer and positive word of mouth if there was an active reponse to this post with .art files fixing the harmonics and including the distorted samples.
    thanks for your time and concern,

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    Hi drg,
    I was just about to buy this collection but you are giving me second thoughts...
    Could you please tell me - how are the samples distributed over the cds? Is a lot of the space dedicated to chords/strumming (which I am not interested in) or is there a lot of single notes? If only one cd is notes and the rest is chords, it makes this collection even less interesting IMHO.
    TIA, Poland

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    See topic \"NFX Plugins\". The 56 strat demo was done with stock sounds on a POD. There are hardly any chords in this library, pretty much all single notes. Some of them are set up so you can play your own chords. Most are for lead or picking parts.

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    Hi guys, from the demoes i hear 56 QL Strat seem to be real good, we also have an electric guitar library called Giga Clean Electric Guitars, watch for a review coming in May\'s Sound on Sound Magazine .
    here\'s the press release :

    Vintaudio proudly present Giga Clean Electric Guitars, a 2 GIG, 4 cd Gigasampler\\Gigastudio (also translates flawlessly in Steinberg Halion ver. 1.1) sample library that includes * 4 meticulously chromatically sampled guitars with full decay on every sample, chromatically sampled at 3 neck positions that are keyswitched for extremely expressive performances. Every instrument also includes mutes in 3 velocities, hammer-ons and swells. Each instrument weighs in at approximately 500 megs.

    The first guitar sampled is a gorgeous 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom, this instrument was sampled twice, once for each pick-up ( this means two 500 meg instruments). These can also be played together to get that middle pick-up position sound (both pick-ups playing ).

    The second guitar in our lineup is a 1958 Fender Stratocaster ( need we say more ?), and finally a great modern clean sounding guitar, the Godin Artisan.

    The idea behind this library was to sample the purest tones possible from these wonderful instruments and then use them in Gigasamper\\Gigastudio with real amps, amps simulators such as the Line 6 pod, Alien Connections Revalver or Gigastudio effects and Directx plug-ins. The samples in this library were taken from the instrument, directly into a Focusrite\'s Discrete transistor instrument input, to the recorder in 24 bits, dithered down to 16 bits using Apogee\'s UV22 technology. Every sample (approximately 1200) was carefully edited to maintain purity and level. This wonderful soundset is available exclusively from our website to you at the extraordinary low introductory price of $134.95 u.s. funds (Priority air Shipping to United Sates and Canada included in price, please allow 5 to 10 work days from the moment you order to delivery, International orders add $4.95 ). A faster option with Purolator courier service is available at a charge of $25.00 for U.S.A. and Canada, next day delivery guaranteed in over 19 000 destinations in U.S.A. and Canada. International orders cost $40.00 u.s. and Guarantee 3 days max. delivery in over 55 countries.

    We have created numerous Demos of this product with effects, less effects and no effects at all so that you can hear for yourself why this library is the ultimate Giga clean electric guitars sample library.

    Please come visit us at http://www.vintaudio.com for more info on this wonderful product.

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    I have Franky\'s Vintage Clean Guitars. I have always been a huge fan of clean sounding vintage Strat\'s and Les Paul\'s, and Franky has really nailed this one with these wonderful sampled guitars! Anyone who is wanting quality sampled Strat\'s and Les Paul\'s needs to give this collection serious consideration!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    this is VERY disapointing. The Demo was either done with a $600 dollar plug-in (amp farm) that only works on a very expensive program I don\'t own and dont want to own (protools), or it was done with an actual hardware processor ($220- as much as the lib. itself!)which is not something easy for me to incorporate in a setup that is confined to my computer- with no external mixers ect. Is there no way that the PROCESSED samples could be made available? also you made no response to the harm. issue,
    thanks again for your time and concern- I am not trying to cause trouble- just a college student with a much smaller budget than pro\'s may have- who want\'s to get what he though he was paying for, and cannot return.

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    Effects processing plug-ins such as Amp Farm are very good, but there are also several other similar effects plug-ins in Direct X and VST formats, which are very nice as well, such as ReValver and Amp Simulation.

    If a developer were to release sampled guitars that are pre-processed with effects, it would be very limiting for most customers and users, considering guitars can literally be processed to sound thousands of different ways. Every individual has their own personal perception as to how processed guitars should sound. It is much better for developers to release \"clean\" sampled guitars, which make for excellent source material for processing by the end user with various amp simulation effects, EQ\'s, chorusing, analog saturation, tubes, etc., etc.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    there is not too much space dedicated to chords, but there are multiple patches for up and down slides and bends which are limiting unless you are trying to fake some specific sound rather than use it as a vitrual inst. As a side note- that always bothers me. I don\'t understand people\'s inclination for tyring to trick listerners into a limited realism over having a versitile virtual instrument.

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    yes, I have tried the various plug-ins, and none come close to the pod. I understand the need for the clean samples to allow for custom processing ect... but instead of all those slides and bends which are Really limiting- or mabye even along with them- couldn\'t the prossed samples have been released as well?

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    Re: not so happy with ql strat

    The problem with supplying a set of guitar samples which are already processed is that there are simply too many choices for the developer to make in terms of that processing. Picking one particular type of processing will alienate any potential customer who didn\'t have exactly that sound in mind. Going with an accurate depiction of the source sound is the ideal approach from the developer\'s standpoint.

    On the other hand, some developers have had to wear a bit of criticism because their libraries were in need of compression, eq, reverb or other processing.

    There seem to be people who want the raw material, and others who want almost final mastered sound which requires nothing (not even verb) to be added. It\'s a tough call.

    When Nick\'s and Franky\'s libraries were first mooted, Alien Connections was well into development of their plugin amp modeller called Revalver. At that point (months ago) they had announced that there would be an NFX port of this plugin. We all thought that Revalver for Gigastudio was imminent. I remember Nick posting excited questions about it, probably with QL56 in mind.

    Unfortunately, Revalver NFX seems to have been slowtracked or something.

    I can understand Nick doing the guitar (using the pod because Revalver NFX wasn\'t out), thinking most people would be able to process it in their preferred way (using Revalver when available), and feeling justified in showing just how good it could really sound when amped up suitably.

    Revalver details can be checked out here: http://www.alienconnections.com/products.htm

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