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Topic: OT:BLADE2 Music, Extras, and Hey Tob!

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    OT:BLADE2 Music, Extras, and Hey Tob!

    I thought many here would find this interesting. The Blade II movie DVD comes with a very interesting \"Extras\" disk. If you go to the \"Bloodpack Index\", then go to item 8 \"Vampire Nocturnes (The Music Score)\", there is a very lengthily segment featuring an interview with the composer, a three-way conversation between the director, composer and orchestrater, a few segments of an orchestra session, and a long recording section of orchestral percussion. Very revealing and interesting. Some crude humor too, so you saints out there are now warned.
    I found the percussion session very interesting. I was impressed with how much space and room was in the percussion sounds, not unlike the g-town stuff. In particular I really liked the sound of the large diameter roto-toms (tampani sized). They also include a whole list of all percussion used and explanation of what they are. Find this list in the \"Branching Scene Index\", item 5.

    Hey Tob: If you wanted to do a SAMs Horns-like project (for some cash), just get EVERYthing on this (long) list, drag it into your church and start banging on things and recording! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT:BLADE2 Music, Extras, and Hey Tob!

    I just rented that and LOVED the option to watch the movie with nothing but the score playing...no dialogue, sound fx, nada...just the music. Really fascinating.


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    Re: OT:BLADE2 Music, Extras, and Hey Tob!

    Man, I love the score of that movie . Great blend between Electronic and Orch Music.

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