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Topic: Hawaiian Guitar

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    Hawaiian Guitar

    Does anyone know if there\'s a library that consists of a Hawaiian guitar (steel slide guitar)? Seems like it might be difficult to sample all those slides into something that would be a usable library, but I definitely need a sound like this for a project I\'m working on. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Hawaiian Guitar

    If you happen to have Reaktor 4.0, load up the \"Steampipe\" instrument. There is a physical model of a guitar sound there, which I have used to emulate slide parts before. If you put an amp model or one of the distortion components behind it, all the better.

    Pedal, lap steel, bottleneck, slide, etc...you\'re right, those are awfully tough.

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    Re: Hawaiian Guitar

    There\'s a really great lap steel on Quantum Leap Gtr and Bass. Straight notes and slides.
    I use it all the time on projects.


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    Re: Hawaiian Guitar

    With some judicious use of the pitch bend wheel (OMG!!!) and a decent clean electric instrument you can achieve wonders! Once it\'s all blended into the mix the listener will associate the sound with the real thing because unlike us weirdos, the majority of the audience out there isn\'t constantly questioning the sampled nature of the music they hear!

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    Re: Hawaiian Guitar

    Steel guitar would extremely hard to do, even with the greatest sample. You might consider looking into the real thing.

    At the risk of getting a little off topic, I\'d also like to point out that steel guitar is not really \"Hawaiian guitar\" -- although that\'s the sound most Mainlander\'s associate with Hawaiian music. That music is actually \"tourist\" music that has little to do with real Hawaiian music.

    Real Hawaiian music involves slack key guitar, which is basically a form of open tuning.

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