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Topic: GPO and Protools HD G5

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    GPO and Protools HD G5

    Anyone been using GPO Rtas on a Protools HD G5? I\'m wondering if there are any operating issues I need to be aware of before taking the plunge..Do you think GPO will run off of the Protools System (Not Audio) Drive or will I have to get an external HD to track and sequence in Protools?

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    Re: GPO and Protools HD G5

    I am on Win XP with an HD3 Accel system, using 3 internal, IDE drives. One for OS/System/Apps, 1 for Audio only, and one for samples only.

    The GPO Kontakt Player does not utilize DFD, it uses RAM. So, the disk plays less of a part (none?).

    Pro Tools (especially TDM) *requires* a seperate drive for audio. SCSI is suggested, but the app gives out before my system does with my current hardware config [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I would suggest at least 1G ram, 2G would be really nice, especially if you plan to use more than GPO, or just like some \"headroom\" memory-wise.

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    Re: GPO and Protools HD G5

    Anyone know how it runs on a G5?

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    Re: GPO and Protools HD G5

    Since the G5 only takes two internal hard drives, I assume I\'ll have to put GPO on an external one...Do any of you guys know what would be an appropriate external HD to use? Thanks..

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    Re: GPO and Protools HD G5

    Well, your choices are to put the drive in a FW800 or FW400 case, of course. I think pretty much any decent ATA100 drive should do the job equally well. Generally the longer the warranty, the better the drive. I like Western Digital as a company.

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