We are proud to annouce that we have a whole new line of products for Kontakt.

All our PMI GRANDIOSO piano libraries are now available in 24 bits Kontakt format.

- PMI Bösendorfer 290: a 5 stars rewarded Bosendorfer 290 Imperial Grand with 6 recorded layers of pedal up, 6 layers pedal down and 4 layers of release samples, up to 16 programmed velocity layers for ultra smooth response, DRY and WET microphone perspectives, true repedalling (you can hear the string resonance build up when you press the sustain pedal even when the note was started with the sustain pedal up).
- PMI Steinway D: the most convincing Steinway D ever! This library has up to 16 levels of velocity, sperate sustain pedal up and pedal down samples, mutiple release samples, true repedalling. The full set covers Classic, Compressed and Distant recorded samples.
- PMI YAmaha C7 Conservatory Grand: the ultimate pop piano: bright and powerful. ^recorded velocity layers, pedal up and down, release samples, true repedalling, with CLOSE and AMBIENT recording perspectives.

These GRANDIOSO libraries are now also available in 16 bit a LE (Light Edition) version that offers only one microphone position.

- PMI Bosendorfer 290 DRY LE
- PMI Bosendorfer 290 WET LE
- PMI Steinway D Classic LE
- PMI Yamaha C7 CLOSE LE
and PMI Steinway D Compressed and Distant will follow soon.

The LE versions are $ 95 only and a great way to get to know these libraries and they sound as good as the full versions.

They are now available in our on-line store at: www.postpiano.com

We have a large demo section on-line that covers all these releases, please check under the demo link.