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Topic: Muted Trumpets

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    Muted Trumpets

    What libraries have harmon muted trumpets? I\'ve got all the big ones VSL and QLSO but if I\'m not mistaken I don\'t see any muted trumpets. I\'ve got Kirk Hunter Brass but they don\'t sit so well in the mix with these other libraries. For a collective price of $8000 (Vsl and QLSO) you might think they\'d have them since they are a major part of televison and film orchestration. Any updates planned?
    John Angier

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    glad someone else noticed! seems like none of the big libraries contain brass mutes although I understand they\'ll be available in VSL later this year but still...

    For me, the best and most complete brass mutes available are by Project SAM. They\'re pretty awesome and reasonably priced.

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    does anyone know how they integrate with QLSO or VSL?

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    I\'m referring to project SAM brass...

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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    John my friend. Always nice to see you. Cheers me up late on a night. I have the Sams. Call me & come by to listen, see if it suits.

    Off to beddybies.


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    Re: Muted Trumpets

    Originally posted by jangier:
    What libraries have harmon muted trumpets?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Off the top of my head, I know only of Advanced Orchestra. They\'re really very good--I\'ve used them in a number of settings. You can highpass them radically to get that glossy \"shimmer\" with very little body, which works very well.


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