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Topic: New Gigastudio patch (non-beta)

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    New Gigastudio patch (non-beta)

    New patch for Gigastudio is up at the version updates page of Nemesys web site.

    Good news is \"beta\" has finally been removed. Haven\'t had a chance to play with it yet but looks like a few more fixes have been added including my favourite midi controllers not save with perfomances.

    Fingers crossed...Brian.

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    Re: New Gigastudio patch (non-beta)

    Any successes or comments about this 2.01.26 path?
    Thanks in advances,

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    Re: New Gigastudio patch (non-beta)

    I downloaded and installed the latest 2.01.26 upgrade and haven\'t really noticed anything different. I was recording on Gigastudio 96 pretty much all day today, but I\'ve never had problems to begin with except when I want to just listen to sounds in Gigastudio; my computer would always crash(MsG error or something like that) after loading different sounds in channel one then unloading them. Hopefully this won\'t happen anymore.
    As far as wanting to know whether to download it or not, I don\'t think it will hurt. Nothing bad happened to me all day today. I think most of the kinks and bugs have been finally fixed. (fingers crossed):-)

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    Re: New Gigastudio patch (non-beta)

    Where exactly, that is url,do I find this patch

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