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Topic: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

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    My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    I\'ve compiled a wishlist of samples (a true sign of a shopaholic?) and am posting it here in hopes of getting suggestions, such as \"this is a great choice\" or \"you might be better off with such-and-such library.\" So, below is the list.. along with samples I currently own and ones I want but can\'t find.

    GOS Lite (in the mail!)
    SAM Horns (in the mail!), Solo Horn, Timpani, Trumpet
    Schimmel Piano


    Dirk Campbell\'s World Winds ($200)
    Symphony of Voices ($500--not avail. in Giga format?!) or Voices of the Apocalypse ($450) (can\'t decide)
    Dan Dean\'s Solo Woodwinds ($450)
    Bigga Gigga Acoustic Essentials ($60)
    London Orchestral Percussion ($380)
    Malmsjo Acoustic Grand ($100)


    Good Middle-Eastern Percussion

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    Re: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    Man, I\'m going to need a second job! I had never heard of World Winds til I read your post. There\'s another one for my list of samples to buy. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    Funny you mention that,
    I\'ve been eyeballing World Winds since I received the Ilio catalog over the Summer. My only reservation toward that was , would I also have to purchase a wind controller to really get the expression correct.

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    Re: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    What\'s a good breath controller to get? The only one I know of is the Yamaha BC3A. It\'s around $90 but if you don\'t have a proper synth, you will need a convertor box that converts it into a MIDI signal that will work with any MIDI keyboard.

    That convertor is here:


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    Re: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    I though World Winds was only Akai format? How expressive could it really be if its not Giga? I mean Rare Instruments utilised giga technology, how will World Winds work? I didn\'t realise the breath controller could be used with Akai samples. Crossfading?


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    Re: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    No, once you convert, or didn\'t convert, the breath controller is midi.Use it like a keyboard. The Yamaha, which is stated several places as being the best was around $500?

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    Re: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    Yamaha BC3A controller + MIDI convertor = around $300 or so

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    Re: My sample wishlist -- comments/suggestions?

    I\'d just like to clarify something about \"wind controllers\" for those of you looking to drop money on this sort of thing.

    There are two general types of wind controllers being discussed. The Yamaha BC3A is a very simple mechanism that takes \"breath\" or \"wind\" input, usually provided by blowing air out of one\'s mouth. The breath \"pressure\" or \"force\" is translated to a control voltage which is then rendered by an appropriate convertor to a range of MIDI continuous control messages from 0-127. This type of controller is nothing more than a \"modifier\" or \"modulator\" of a MIDI controlled instrument in much the same way as a \"mod wheel\" or \"expression pedal\" is used to modulate an instrument. The function of this type of breath controller is defined by the convertor mechanism as well as the defined parameters of the instrument.

    The other type of \"wind controller\" is something like the Yamaha WX5 which has a set of keys that can define notes and other control data in addition to all the things listed above. This type controller is played much like a recorder/clarinet/sax depending on the fingering configuration you are using.

    The MIDI continuous controller #2 breath controller is defined as such but its function is the same as all other continuous controllers. It has a range of 0-127 and can be assigned to any number or combination of instrument parameters such as LFO rate, attenuation, DSP Station aux sends, filter cutoff freq, and on and on.

    Hope this is helpful,

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