Please, do not think that I am in any other way connected with Soundlib than I purchased from them GigaPlayer many years ago.
Contrary to the usual post-purchase treatment of the various suppliers of our programs and equipment, these people keep you informed, they improve on their product regularly and by now, GigaPlayer is doing exactly what is promised, playing back .gig files as well as they were originally. What prompted this thread was that they just issued a new version, correcting a minor problem on Mac, and in the process improving all, again, loading much quicker in Windows too.
So, for your own benefit, if you have .gig files collecting dust, give a try to GigaPlayer, you will not be sorry.
The only thing I am missing from the BLESSED TASCAM Gigastudio-days is convolution reverb with these old and beloved samples.
Cheers to Soundlib from me.