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Topic: Dither Enabled = NOISE

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    Dither Enabled = NOISE

    I didn\'t notice this until I set my recorder input to +6db. If I have the dither enabled, it adds noise... and if I disable it, it\'s quiet. Is this true, or does it only happen on SBLive! cards? Do I need dithering if I only deal with 16 bit samples and 16 bit card?

    I\'m using SPDIF out only on SBLive!.

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    Re: Dither Enabled = NOISE

    Depends on your setup and personal taste really. To explain...

    Generally, you would use dither on any bit-depth reduction, e.g. from 24bit->16bit. The dithering process actually adds some noise to the sound in order to cover up and minimise the nastier non-linear distortion of low-bit depths. Gigastudio does the internal mixing of the channels in 32bit accuracy, so dither would be appropriate in this case for 16bit mixdowns.

    Now, wether you care about this or not, it\'s up to you. If you don\'t understand the previous paragraph, then you probably shouldn\'t neet to worry about it much. It\'s up to you. The reason that dither noise becomes noticeable in your setup is probably because you are amplifying the output of gstudio with the dither noise enabled! Normally, the dither signal is added at the final stage of mixdown/mastering, where no further processing is to be made on the sound.

    Bottom line, I would turn dither off if it gets in the way and add only when I prepared my 24bit master for getting on CD

    Sorry, it\'s a huge subject, but hope this little helps,


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    Re: Dither Enabled = NOISE

    Thanks, that helps. Yes, I\'m feeding GS\'s audio to Cubase and I can have as many as 20+ tracks in GS - in this case the noise becomes very noticable. At first I thought it was my soundblaster card...

    I will turn off dither on GS and turn on dither in Cubase master output.

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