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Topic: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

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    Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    HI.. Im new to this forum and GigaStudio so this may be a basic question...but Id appreciate any help.

    Ive sussed out how to a simple layer of two (or 3.. or 4..) instruments together in GS to create a new instr - easy enough. But what i cant seem to work out is how to assign separate controllers to each layer for volume. Ive managed to use the multi-crossfade editor to use one controller (e.g. effect control 1) to mix the sound between 2 layers, then use the effect control slider to set the mix balance in GS midi controllers screen, but what i really want to do is find out how to have 1 controller per layer (e.g like 4 separate volume sliders which I can control from GS midi controllers screen or of course a separate hardware controller etc).

    Can anyone help with a simple explanation (i.e please assume I know very little about GS edit... I wont be insulted!!)


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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    Try to use channel offset (Mix/layer).

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    Hi Neno,
    Thanks for your reply...
    However, I dont understand what you mean...
    GSEdit help refers to channel offset as something to do with audio channels. (I have a SBLive plat - so only 2 audio channels - stereo L & R)
    Im trying to find out how to apply different midi volume levels to each layer within the same midi channel/Instrument (the new instrument which has 2 to 4 layers is played on just the one midi channel)

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer


    KICK offset 0
    SNARE offset 2
    TOMS offset 4

    Sound with offset (in GS) send to for example 11. mixer input and you now can control in DSP mixer
    KICK on 11,12
    SNARE on 13,14
    TOMS on 15,16 channel

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    Hi Neno...
    Im still confused - I dont think I have made clear what I mean.


    sounds.gig consists of:
    1. Piano
    2. Strings
    3. DreamPiano - this is a new instrument I have made by layering 1.(Piano) and 2.(Strings) together.

    DreamPiano is loaded into GS - Port1, midi channel1

    By default - each layer (Piano and Strings) are equal volume - When I adjust volume of Midi channel1 (DreamPiano), then the overall volume of DreamPiano changes.

    I want to be able to vary the volume balance of the strings and piano WITHIN the DreamPiano sound. - e.g. quieter strings with more intense piano.

    There seems to be something in the manual about being able to assign separate controllers to each LAYER of a sound (e.g within the dreampiano sound, under Mix/layer-attenuation, apply effect control1 to Piano, effect control2 to strings) in order to vary the balance. I cant seem to get this to work back in the midi controllers screen in GS.

    Thanks for your replies....

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    Im not a expert on the editing functions of giga studio.
    But If Im not mistaken you can\'t change the volume of layed sounds seperately unless you have a multiport midi interface.
    If you have a standard single midi in and out like on the soundblaster live platium like you mentioned ,all the sample patches up to 4 layer can be asigned on top of each other on differt vitual ports ,but sinse they all share the same midi channel # they will all be controlled as one .

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    Any comments from anyone else out there?
    Id really appreciate some help....

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    I don\'t know if this will help you with your specific application or not, but in the course of trying to layer some piano effects for my Steinway-C I have come across some interesting \"features\" of layering.
    The description which follows applies to the Gigastudio. It may or may not apply to the Gigasampler. It may or may not extend to controlling the volume via MIDI commands instead of the Gigastudio mixer sliders.

    When layering instruments using the same channel and multiple \"ports\" I have observed that changing the volume slider in the Gigastudio mixer window (presumably also from MIDI controller#7) for port#1 will change the volumes for ports 2, 3 & 4 of the same channel to the identical value as the port#1 volume slider. However, changing the port#2, #3 or #4 volume sliders affects only the volume of the instrument loaded into that port/layer. I have been able to create arbirtrary and independently adjustable mixes of two layered instruments by loading them into port#2 and port#3, locking both to port#1 but not loading any instrument into port#1.
    This allows me to vary the volumes of each layer with the mixer for that channel on each port. As long as you don\'t touch the volume for port#1 then the other 3 ports retain their independence.

    I don\'t know if this layer behavior is intentional or not, but perhaps it can be used to create the effect you are after.
    FYI, this behavior is exhibited on a PC with a SB-Live soundcard running the Gigastudio with the new ver 2.01.026 update patch.


    Warren Trachtman

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    If you are looking for an easy way to layer sounds and control the individual volumes etc, try \"Control Phreak\". Demo available from www.floridamusicco.com/download/controlfreak.exe (full version from www.floridamusicco.com)
    First load the voices into Giga studio that you wish to layer or use etc, start control phreak which allows you then to control volumes, layers, splits, octaves etc and save your hard work on one of 100 quick recall presets (even remotely from your keyboard).

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    Re: Controlling vol mix of sounds within a layer

    I think there is a small quirk with being able to attenuate different layers. If you assign 4 layers and then try to assign different Attn Controllers to them, it reverts them to the default for layer 1 when you save the file. If, however, you assign an attenuation value to the layer (some trivially small value probably won\'t impact your sound), it will then accept different controllers for each layer. If you have a 4-layer sound, controllers 16-19 work well, as their default values are 0, i.e., no attenuation.

    [This message has been edited by tleich (edited 11-09-2000).]

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