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Topic: How do I learn?

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    How do I learn?

    I plan sometime in the future to record some dramatic solo trumpet samples. The thing is, I dunno how to program this. Where can I go to to learn more about programming samples in Gigastudio editor?

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    Re: How do I learn?


    jsut buy it
    Dave Govett\'s tutorial.

    There is NO pplace to go for FREE the amount of stuff thats in the Gigastudio Mastery Tutorial. Just check out the demo and then watch what else the full version has.

    You may find freebies to help you build a basic instrument, but check out the tutorial, it may inspire you to sample different articulations.

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    Re: How do I learn?

    As far as learning how to create samples, it\'s just like \"How do I get to Carnagie Hall?\"

    Practice! This is an area that you can only learn by listening to your mistakes.

    But there are also some wonderful recording forums at MusicPlayer.com. They can teach you a LOT about recording technique, mike placement, etc. Folks like Ed Cherney, George Massenburg and Roger Nichols are moderators. Great stuff!


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