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Topic: The Gigastudio Instrument

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    The Gigastudio Instrument

    Hi guys,

    After working with Gigastudio for a year by doing my sequences on a drum machine, I finally get to sequence on Protools HD now!! It\'s a lot easier when you can actually see the midi notes on a screen. What major sample library do you guys feel is the most \"playable\"? I hate trying to program note for note or have to deal with the articulation files, etc...Is it possible to just find a userfriendly library to play Gigastudio samples and not have to do any complex editing? While still getting a fairly realistic result? Thanks!

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument

    Many of the large libraries offer \'lite\' or \'jam\' versions of their instruments for exactly the reasons you describe.

    What instrument/s are you looking for exactly?

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument

    How about VSL?


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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument

    I think you will get more out of any lib if you tweak it and learn how it responds to different midi CC\'s.

    Sam libs sound great out of the box so there is less tweaking of the overall sound itself, but if you learn to combine your gliss patches with the right marcato, swell, etc you get a more more expressive melody. (Than if you played the same line with one patch only.)

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument

    You say you used a drum machine, are you looking for drum libraries or orchestral libraries or just everything that\'s Giga?

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument


    What kind of music do you want to make?

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument

    Thanks for the responses guys.

    I write orchestral music and own GOS, some SAM and Dan Dean...I played 1st violin in orchestras and am a classically trained pianist. Composing with Gigastudio is a lot more time consuming to me than back when I was using my Roland XP30. It\'s due to being overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and it seems like every single project requires a big \"setup\" plan. You can\'t just turn it on and compose immediately. With so many articulations, you constantly think, did I choose the best way of sequencing that viola section?

    I guess the thing that confuses me the most, is HOW to think when composing with Gigastudio. Since I don\'t know anyone around me that sequences classical scores with it,I don\'t understand the concepts of manipulating articulation files and stuff like that. It seems like you\'re supposed to compose TO the samples you have? And then you have all these people mixing violins from one library with violins from another, and people mixing different articulations to be played with at the same time, and I just don\'t understand how to go about that when trying to compose...Should I mainly think to compose SOUND rather than music? I think my greatest pieces so far are done with just a xp30 keyboard because I dont know how to harness Gigastudio. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Could you guys shed some light?

    (I sequence in Protools HD and have a lot of good libraries.)

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument

    This is a very good question and I\'m sure you\'ll get some differing answers.

    As far as knowing how to think when composing with GigaStudio, I think you\'re right. Although we try not to, I think many of us are composing to the strengths of our sample libraries. In my books, this is bad because it is a limitation. On the other hand, if samples are going to be used for the final product, why not compose to the strengths of our samples?

    Originally posted by VincePro:
    It\'s due to being overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and it seems like every single project requires a big \"setup\" plan.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">After a while, I believe many of us here develop a template of commonly used patches. This way, when composing a new song, you can start with all of your most sommonly used instruments and articulations. After using it for a while and some tweaking, you template will evolve into what is most convenient for you.

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument


    You really need to check out GPO (Garritan Personal Orchestra). This library works much like what your used to with the Roland XP-30. No need to fool around with articulations. Just grab a sound and play. Also, GPO works with ProTools (RTAS support).

    Don\'t let the price of this library fool you. It was designed as a great sounding sketchpad so composers can get their work done fast with great results. The flexible programming is the key item with this library.

    Most of the composers at NAMM that I gave demos to were floored with how flexible the instruments are as programmed. Many just don\'t have the time to mess around with articulations.

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    Re: The Gigastudio Instrument


    the beauty of seeing the notes of your sequence is also witnessed with Sonar. Why work in the blind.

    Alan Russell

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